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While everyone’s been talking about ONE FM 91.3’s #1 Breakfast Show with Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman featuring Andre Hoeden, Elliott Danker and Part Time Pete, he’s the man that makes things tick – Producer Shaun T.

Behind the scenes you’ll see him shouting “Stand by!” “Coming Up!” “Oei mics on!” just about every 10 mins, he secretly masquerades as a stand up comedian and a pretty good one too.

So let’s find out more about the man and possibly some secrets of the #1 Breakfast Crew

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POPCulture Online: Tell us about your role on ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show?

Shaun T: Have you ever watch those Hollywood award shows, and hear your favorite celebrities thanking random people that you have never ever heard of? Well, I’m one of those people you never ever hear of. You won’t ever see my face, but I’m always there making sure everything and everyone is up and running at full speed.

I’m the Tarantino behind the camera, the Jason Statham behind the wheel getting everything to where it needs to be. Deciding on the destination is always a team effort, but my job is getting everyone there. I am……… The Producer.

POPCulture Online: Why stand up comedy? What got you started?

Shaun T: I’ve always had a special passion for making people happy, and getting them to laugh. Comedy is definitely my favourite way of expressing myself without earning a slap in the face (most of the time). Also, I’m the most average looking person you will ever see, and I will never be a Benjamin Kheng or George Young, so people will always find it easier to relate to me than those superstars.

(George, if you’re reading this, I love you.)

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POPCulture Online: Tell us about some of the venues you’ve performed in this year and how has the crowd taken to live stand up comedy?

Shaun T: I’ve performed for various crowds. I’ve found that Caucasians are generally great fun — they’re more open to reacting positively, and they’re willing to express their amusement heartily without reservation.

Most of the time, it feels like having a friendly conversation rather than striving to entertain someone. Everyone else could really afford to learn about having fun from them. Seriously, the next time you see a white person out on the streets, ask them if they’re interested in having a good time. Works every time.

POPCulture Online: How is your style different from others? 

Shaun T: Everybody’s got their own unique experiences and world views. I think being me doesn’t really give me much of an edge over anyone else being themselves, but it helps audiences get to know who I am.

If anything, the one thing I’ve learned is that stand-up comedy takes major balls. Connecting with everyone in any given audience is never easy — it’s always hit or miss. Some jokes land, some jokes don’t.

What really matters is the passion you put into your performance, and I think that’s a huge defining factor between performers. Your own unique brand of passion is the foundation of your onstage vibe and style, it’s what sets you apart from others.

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POPCulture Online: What do you do when your audience doesn’t laugh?

Shaun T: First, I swim in denial. Why aren’t they laughing? Why am I not funny? I’m funny! How can I not be funny!

Next, I get angry. You guys don’t know how to have fun! It’s not me, it’s you!

Then, I start begging them. Please laugh. Please. I’m trying very hard. I promise I’m interesting.

Then, I start thinking about all the mistakes I’ve ever made. All the regrets I’ve ever had. The tears I’ve cried, all three of them.

Finally, I accept that not everyone is always going to find me funny. But, I also remember that while I’ve got a mic, they can’t not listen to me! On to the next joke!

(A/N: For those of you familiar with the five stages of grief, I realise this sounds similar. This is completely unintentional and should be ignored/forgotten.)

POPCulture Online: What’s it like working with ONE FM’S #1 Breakfast crew? Any interesting gossip to share?

Shaun T: Glenn has perfect vision. The sunglasses serve to shield him from his own star power, which he’s frequently blinded by.

Andre has hair. He wears a bald wig.

FD has the skin of a three-year-old baby that has never known the sun.

Elliott Danker doesn’t collect toys. They’re action figures, okay?!


Here’s a taste of Shaun T. at work

ONE FM 91.3’s #1 Breakfast Show is on-air Mon to Fri from 6 to 10am on ONE FM 91.3

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