SG ComiFest 2 “It’s Showtime” Preview

TCZ Studio Pte Ltd, supported by Comic Society (Singapore) held their first SG ComiFest event eariler this year and it is back again for round two this June over the 4-5th weekend. Titled SG Comifest 2 It's Show Time, the second installment of the event promises to be bigger and better and POPCulture Online takes a preview at what visitors can expect from it.

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One of the complaints seen on the forums about the first ComiFest was that the location was kinda small for the large amount of crowd it attracted. Thankfully SG Comifest 2 will be held somewhere else and from the looks of it, the venue space will be much bigger as well.

To be held at the Civil Service Club Bukit Batok Clubhouse, this would be a lot more floorspace for visitors to move about, for cosplayers to pose and also that the expected wall of photographers will not be blocking passageway. Add the fact that the swimming pool area is open for cosplayers and photographers with passes to use, human traffic should be alot better this time.

And if you are wondering who will be there at SG Comifest 2, we have the floor plan (subjected to changes by the organisers) to share. On the Artist side, we have local Doujinshi group Comix Pandora who has been around for 10 years and also a freelancer illustrator from Thailand, Asuka111 setting up a booth.

The Artist ShowTime is back again plus something interesting called the Graffiti Marathon where visitors/cosplayers have the chance to showcase their drawing talent. More details will be released later on.

Shanda Literature Singapore Pte Ltd (, the first overseas subsidiary of Shanda Literature (SDL) will be soft launching their latest MMORPG, Dragon Nest at SG Comifest 2 and a 42" LCD TV will be showing a special demo.

While the game should not be compared with cream of the crop MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online and even the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, it sure looks to give the more casual ones a good run for their money. With good graphics plus interesting combat mechanics and a storyline with potential, this might just be the thing for online gamers looking for something more casual and fun.

A message for everyone from Shanda Literature Singapore

Singapore Comifest 2, which differs from any other similar events, adopts a concept that combines comics and literature as a brand new business model. The sponsor of this event, Shanda Literature Singapore Pte Ltd ( is the first overseas subsidiary of Shanda Literature (SDL). SDL is China’s leading digital publisher, internationally famous for its unique business model. Its rich resource of intellectual properties and cutting edge digital publication model has prepared SDL for international expansion. General Manager Mr Zion Zhou says: “I wish for all local and overseas artists to be inspired by the imaginative online literatures and adapt them into comics with their drawing pencil. It is not just to further develop the original literature but it is also a way to develop more market-centric artworks. I hope that more local and overseas audiences and artists will benefit by being inspired through sharing quality literature.”

Now that's some very encouraging words!

Well the event is two days away and if you are still planning what to do this weekend, why not head down to SG Comifest 2 to check out the many artist works on display, snap some photos of the cosplayers who will be there or event try your hand at the Dragon Nest Drawing Contest Lucky Draw with an iPad to be won. POPCulture Online will be down to cover the event so stay tune for our coverage article!

For more details, do check out the SG Comifest 2 official website here.

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