SevenFriday Singapore Carnivale


A relatively young watch brand that has everyone abuzz on various social media platforms has continued making waves in the industry. SevenFriday has blazed a trail of success, selling out its first batch of watches within weeks after it was officially launched globally in December 2012, thanks to the power of social media. This phenomenon has seen a repeat in Singapore, where the brand has a long back order of an average of 4 months.


And for all that we have to credit Mr Daniel Niederer, a seasoned watch industry expert, founder of SevenFriday, for his unique design and excellent quality of his watches. Allowing SevenFriday to stand out from all the other watches on offer in the market is the brand’s emphasis on its design, which draws inspirations from industrial elements.


SevenFriday’s iconic squircle (a term coined from the words ‘square’ and ‘circle’ ) watch case is used on every model, with different materials used for the animation ring, the insert on the side of the case. To date, plated stainless steel, rubber and wood are some of the materials that have been used for the insert. This play on materials for the animation ring has bestowed upon each SevenFriday model its own unique look, while maintaining the signature squircle case.


On February 18th, a typical Tuesday evening which is about to be brought alive as the SevenFriday Singapore Carnivale event began to unfold at the Barbershop by Timbre. Keen to share his experiences and not forgetting meeting the growing base of SevenFriday fans, Mr Daniel Niederer will be at the location greeting and chatting with them over booze and food.


With fans and guests starting to pour in by the dozen, music playing in the background, guests chatting, drinking and admiring the display of watches, accessories and arts created by our local talent (Clog Two, The J.Myers co and Muse). Indeed this is a night to party on.


After a delicious dinner and tons of drink, we were treated to an insightful Q and A session with Mr Daniel Niederer on his stand on setting up the company and where he hope to goes from here on. I would have to say after this Q and A session with him, it’s enough to make one an absolute fan of his. Plus, he is really handsome….. Serious!


The night keeps getting better as The Common People, a local band, takes the stage and swamped us with amazing songs one after another. And there’s prizes to be won too, winners walk off with artwork from Clog Two and a signed drawing of the SevenFriday’s artwork was awarded to the grand winner.


Like all good things, the night has to come to an end. It was a fabulous event and we can always hope for more to come.

Official photos courtesy of The Watch Bureau

By Alex Tan
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