SEA Games 2015: A Trip East To Singapore Expo

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Judo (1)

The Singapore Expo Halls 1 & 2 is one of the various venues used for the SEA Games 2015 with many sports held here from Wushu to Boxing and Judo. Taking a trip east this time, I arrived at Hall 2 to catch the action, starting from the Judo mat side. While still new to the concept of the sport, what impressed me was the most was that regardless of size (big or small) these participants or judokas were agile and any opening would be a quick take down. Singapore’s Wee Pui Seng was also in action today and did a good job bringing home the Bronze in the Men’s +100 kg category.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Boxing Leong Jun Hao Ven Raha (5)

On to Boxing next where I caught Singapore’s Leong Jun Hao take on Cambodia’s Ven Raha. Even with the fans loud voices cheering him on, Jun Hao was no match for Ratha as the judges unanimously awarded him all the points. Yet even with defeat, Jun Hao went over to congratulate his opponent, showing sportsmanship that is something I am sure everyone in the venue appreciated. Thumbs up!

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Boxing Tay Jia Wei Borges Pereira Henrique Martins (4)

Next up is the match between Singapore’s Tay Jia Wei and Timor-Leste’s Borges Pereira Henrique Martins. While it looked to be an evenly matched fight at the start, somehow Jia Wei seemed to be the one taking the blows early on. Yet every time he took a hit, he would hit back harder, and harder, till the match started swing in his favour. Jia Wei’s demonstration of fighting spirit and determination not only won the match but also a standing ovation from the supporters. My Favourite for the night hands down and I will definitely be cheering on Jia Wei in the finals.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Wushu Women Optional Spear (7)

Final one for me was the Women’s Optional Spear where each participant had to produce a routine with the Spear weapon. Even though the spear was almost twice their height, each participant wielded with such skill and force that at times, I wondered if the spear would break.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Wushu Women Optional Spear Oo Sandi (3)

From jumping kicks to back flips, each had a unique routine that I am sure made it hard for the judges with 0.01 points separating the top 3 with Myanmar’s Sandi Oo taking home the Gold.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Supporting Fans (1)

What I also enjoyed from the day was the whole atmosphere of the venue thanks to the compacted nature of the place sharing the 2 halls at the Singapore Expo, this meant that cheers from supporting fans had a greater impact on the playing grounds as compared to bigger outdoor venues.

SEA Games 2015 Singapore Expo Supporting Fans (3)

From the various Judo matches to the boxing ones, fans made sure their voices were heard, even trying to drown out the opposing fan’s cheer if possible. This not only adds to the atmosphere of the venue but I am sure also adds to the competitive excitement of it all. It was also nice that no negative cheering was heard and everything was in the name of good competitive fun.

It was definitely an exciting day at the Singapore Expo catching the various sports and I believe it can only get better!

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By Kenneth Wong

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