SDN48 Gives Their All In Singapore Final Stage

As the graduation of popular Japanese pop idol group SDN48 looms, the girls have been busy performing their Final Stage performances around the region. Elliott Danker gives us a quick look back on their final performance in Singapore and for those you missed it, enjoy the pictures.

Last month on 17 Feb, they came to Singapore for the 3rd and final time as many fans witnesses SDN48’s final performance at *SCAPE Warehouse.

Seara Kojo, Reiko Nishikunihara, Yuki Aikawa, Masami Kouchi, Yuki Kimoto, Saemi Shinahama, Chen Qu, Haruka Kohara, Yukari Sato, Serina, Yumi Fujikoso and Sayaka Kondo endured a long day of interviews as well as rehearsals and it turned out to be the best performance that fans got to see from the girls as clearly they were drawing on extra energy to give it their all on stage.

Though it was clearly an emotional night for both the girls and their loyal fans, the spirits were kept high as the girls interacted with crowd through various jokes and game segments and most importantly their trade mark sexy moves on stage.

Even the crowd got in on the act as well as one proud fan belted out about why we’ve supported the group for so long and why we will miss them just before the encore segment. When the girls reemerged it clearly brought a tear to them.

SDN48 Singapore Final Stage Set list

Min Min Min
Tengoku No Door Wa Sankaime No Bell De Aku
Yuuwaku no Garter

Im Sure
All In
Jajauma Lady
Aiyo Ugokanaide

Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban
Eros no Triger
Black Boy

Ga ga ga
Ai Chuzeyo
Onedari Champagne
Aisareru tame ni

Yaritagariya san
Dareka no Tameni
Kodaku Na Runner

Concert images courtesy of AKS / AKB48 Singapore

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