​SCANDAL is back with their 3rd album, and this time round, they've come up with a wider spectrum of songs.

Experimenting with new genres seems to be one of their key focuses as this album varies greatly from their past albums BEST SCANDAL and Temptation Box.A hint of rock 'n roll as well as garage rock and tints of the early punk era from the likes of The Ramones were present. Also, on some numbers, Tomomi's bass sounds pretty similar to the funk rock style of Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of her favourite bands.

From the upbeat and fun songs like Glamorous You, Sono Toki Sekai Wa Kimi Darake No Rain and Sparkling to the harder rocking songs Love Survive, Pride, SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase to the slow ballad-like pieces Burn, Haruka and One Piece, and even a number reminiscent of the Japanese music scene during the 60s and 70s, Tokyo Skyscraper.

The Track list

2. Sono Toki, Sekai Wa Kimi Darake No Rain
4. Sparkling
6. Apple Tachi No Dengon
7. Tokyo Skyscraper
8. Pride
9. Haruka
10.SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase
11. Very Special
12. one piece

The album comes in 3 versions, a CD, a CD +DVD containing the uberfunny SCANDAL no Theme music video as well as the dokkiri dreamer digest video, and a CD +magazine which contains interview questions and pictures of the band.

The Verdict

Overall, BABY ACTION feels like dance portion of a graduation with a live band playing that is SCANDAL. Kicking things off with Glamorous You to get the energy level going and ending off with a nice slow one in One Piece. Scattered along the way with songs like Love Survive and Pride to keep participants on the dance and the occasional nostalgic retro feel with Tokyo Skyscraper and not forgetting Sono Toki, Sekai Wa Kimi Darake No Rain with the obliging mainstream sound track. Baby Action is definitely one of those albums where you could just put everything into one playlist in its original track order without much tweaking and still sound good.

BABY ACTION sees SCANDAL maturing not only in their songs but also in their image as can be seen from the departure of their school girl uniform into something you would wear on a Friday night outing. It can also be heard from the album how much the band has improved over the years, with Mami performing more intricate and complex riffs, and Tomomi and Rina upping the ante with more groovy bass lines. Not forgetting the good combination of vocals from Haruna, Tomomi and Mami, this album looks set to be a hit. Definitely one for SCANDAL fans to add to their collection and for those on the fence, do give these four young ladies a try!

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars.

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