Saturday Night Fever, 48 Style…

As I write this somewhat “not so happy”(a stark contrast to my photo) editor’s note, the fans over at the local facebook fan group are counting down the days to the graduation of the entire SDN48 group. The count down states 37 days to their final concert at the NHK Hall. “REMEMBRANCES of 2 WONDERFUL Years & 7 Months with SDN48 1st Chapter” is the message after that.

I am usually not so emotional about such things having made it a point to separate the inner fan in me from work as I go for press cons, interviews and even stand in photopits as my favorite artist or band performs on stage. But I guess for there is just this special soft spot for this group, especially for those who visited this sunny island of Singapore.

Both Co-Founders of POPCulture Online have never missed a SDN48 concert here in Singapore at the *SCAPE Warehouse and it was somehow something we always looked forward to and talked about for a few days after. Yet I guess somehow it only hit me days after their final stage concert on the 17th of Feb that it looks to be the last time I get the privilege to fit all 12 members into my camera’s viewfinder.

The concert was definitely one to remember as you can tell just from being the audience that the girls went all out for the performance and I was nearly moved to shed a tear when I saw some of them tear on stage. It was definitely quite heart tugging for the members who have been here all 3 times and for the members who were here for the first time. Do check out the report on the concert as Elliott tells us why he will be missing the girls on stage.

It is also my privilege to announce here that POPCulture Online’s Elliott Danker will be back on Air at Sonar Radio. As a special surprise for all SDN48 fans, his guest for the first show on 1st March will be non other than Sayaka Kondo.

So do tune in on the 1st of March for the POPCulture Online show where Elliott will be talking to Sayaka about her time with SDN48 and what her plans are after the graduation concert. A perfect way not only to remember the girls but also to celebrate their time with SDN48.

Kenneth Wong.

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