Sakura Fest at The Singapore Flyer

Not forgetting the various bands that performed songs from both animes and popular Japanese artist and bands. From JPOP artist such as Utada Hikaru and Mika Nakashima to JROCK bands such as Do As Infinity, the Greek Threatre was THE place to be.

To end off each day's activities, idol singers Sunao & Risuko took to the lantern lighted Yagura stage to entertain the crowd with many popular tunes from hit anime series and also some of their own original ones. And these two girls can definitely sing and hit those high notes all while dancing away.

And a special mention to the two host for all 3 days. From entertaining the crowd to dancing away with Sunao & Risuko on the Yagura stage, you could tell these two were trying their best even when the crowd were not as responsive on a hot afternoon. Thumbs Up to the two of them and everyone else involved in this event one way or another for making it an enjoyable event.

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