Sakura Fest at The Singapore Flyer

The Sakura Fest event was held at the Singapore Flyer over the Good Friday Easter Sunday weekend. It was a fund raising event for the Singapore Red Cross to support the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims and POPCulture Online was down to check out this Japanese themed event.

Being a Japanese themed event, visitors can look through the many stores setup at the Singapore Flyer entrance which includes the Keisuke Ramen store for a delicious bowl of tonkatsu ramen, hit the drink store for some nice cold Japanese beer such as ASAHI and KIRIN or even buy some cute looking Japanese candies.

One of the special attractions are two lovely ladies who flew in all the way from Japan to take part in this event. They are idol singers Sunao & Risuko who performed each night to the tunes of popular Japanese anime songs. They even gave a short lecture session on Otagei (a type of dancing and cheering gestures performed by fans of Japanese idol singers, involving jumping, clapping, arm-waving and chanting slogans.).

The Sakura Fest Cosplay Competition was also held during the event. The first round was held online on Facebook where contestants submitted their photo and got their friends to vote. From there, the top cosplayers are selected for the semi finals held on Saturday and the finals held on Sunday.

Congrats to the cosplayer who won the top prize with that interesting drama on stage. The POPCulture Online photographer covering the performance mentioned he will never look at a pair of scissors in the same way again. Both Sunao & Risuko were judges for the competition and were also in cosplay outfits for both the semi finals and finals.

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