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Ruby Leigh Young also known as Ruby Rocket first caught the attention of the cosplayer scene all the way here in Singapore from the United States with her portrayal of The Phoenix from X-Men a few years ago.

From Austin TX, Ruby Rocket is an amazing burlesque dancer who has a thing for Superheroes and their costumes. She’s been a mainstay at major comic conventions all over the U.S. and she was even picked up by the folks at Maxim who were posting pictures from her MySpace page on their site. Maxim also ran a poll on their site on what character their uses wanted to see her dress up as most and The Black Cat went online shortly after.

Fans all over the U.S. have named her The Sexiest Geek Alive. Elliott Danker speaks to this Geek Goddess to find out more about her comic book loves, the stares she gets at conventions and what she’s been up to lately.

POPCulture Online: What got you started into cosplay?

Ruby: I first discovered cosplay when I was reading an Animerica magazine in 1998 and they had photos from a convention.  Luckily, living in Southern California, I quickly found out about San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo.  I attended my first convention in 1999 and was instantly hooked.  My first convention costume was Eudial from Sailor Moon.

POPCulture Online: Of all the characters you have done, which is your favorite?

Ruby: Well, Jean Grey is my absolute favorite character hands down, so I adore wearing my Phoenix Costume.  I really enjoy wearing The Pro, though, because no one recognizes me in it and it gives me leave to be totally grumpy.

POPCulture Online: We understand you make your own costumes, on the average how long does it take? And which one took the longest?

Ruby: It really depends on the costume.  Some I’ve been able to whip out in a day (Goblin Queen – not exactly a ton of material and lots of raw edges) and others have taken me months (Loki – each metal scale attached to all the rest…thousands and thousands of links). On average I give myself at least 2 weeks to make something so I’m not chained to the sewing machine for 12 hours straight.

POPCulture Online: Do you get into character at these conventions? If yes, how do you prepare for the role? 

Ruby: I’m not really in to acting the part. Most of the time at conventions I’m just there to hang out with my friends so it would be awkward if I were trying to be someone else. I think The Pro is the only one I’ve ever even remotely gotten into character for – and not in the sense I’m sure most of you go straight to thinking of.  More-so just the surly, talking crap to other “heroes”.  I do try to get at least somewhat into the character when I’m doing photoshoots, though.  It wouldn’t be very convincing if you just had photos of this awkward nerd in an awesome costume not conveying the person they’re portraying.

POPCulture Online: The characters you have portrayed are sexy and you’re pretty gorgeous yourself. So how does it feel being at these conventions and having all these fan boys staring at you and wanted to take pictures of, and with you?

Ruby: It’s very different now from when I first started doing conventions. There are hoards of gorgeous women running around in awesome costumes now. The scrutiny has definitely gone down a bit, I think. It’s also very flattering to have a person just stop dead in their tracks because of what you’re wearing. And, honestly, if I didn’t want to be stared at I wouldn’t be wearing the costume.

POPCulture Online: Do you ever feel uncomfortable?

Ruby: Oh yeah! I found the older I get the more uncomfortable I get with the attention. There are also some people who just cross the line and say inappropriate things and I’ve never quite been ok with that (and no one should have to be ok with it).

POPCulture Online: If you could star in a comic book / superhero movie, which character would you like to take on?

Ruby: Jean Grey! I’d be beyond geeked to play her in subsequent First Class sequels. I also think it would be absolutely wicked to work with the Barbara Gordon character in a Nolan-esque Batman.

POPCulture Online: We understand you are an actress as well. What is your dream movie / TV role (aside form comic book characters) ?

Ruby: Such an unfair question! There are a million different types of characters I’d love to play with (period pieces, ass-kicking scary chick, fantasy elf lady). I’m a comedian, though, and I’m slowly finding my niche in Hollywood as the quirky best friend so I’m really excited to see what I can explore with that.

POPCulture Online: We know you’re a comic book junkie, so what comic book are you currently reading? 

Ruby: I’ve really cut back on my single issue purchases with all the “events” happening but right now my pull list is Fear Itself, Journey Into Mystery, The Mighty Thor, Goon, Batgirl, Action Comics, Daredevil, and Deadpool.

POPCulture Online: What’s installed for you for the rest of the year?

Ruby: I’m filming an Indy about futuristic hackers (Ghost Dive), performing open mics and improv and being all around awesome!  You can check my website or my twitter @RocketGirlRuby for updates on my schedule.  I have random things popping up all the time.

Well Ruby, we’d be absolutely thrilled if you get your wish to play Jean Grey one day. In the meantime be sure to check out this sexy Geek Goddess’s website for updates and more on Ruby Rocket.

Photos courtesy of Ruby Leigh Young

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