Rise Above

November was a challenging month for us at POPCulture Online. Almost as if it was a planetary alignment of sorts but everyone of the POP Crew seemed to be faced with their own personal challenges. In fact for some of us we seem to have a bit of bad luck creep at us every November so much so we tend to say “wake me up when November ends”

In spite of all that we’ve labored through and I think we’ve come up with an interesting issue to wrap up 2012. We’ve got coverage of the EOY and Sundown festivals, loads of reviews and something we’ve never dreamed would happen so soon – we put director Michael Bay on the cover.

In fact thanks to our friends from the U.S. we’ve got some great insight on why Mr Bay chose Mark Wahlberg to be his new leading man for the Transformer’s franchise.

As we approach the end of the year I’d like to ask, what has been your biggest challenge?

For me, there really is just too much to tell. It’s actually been quite a turbulant 2012 for me but one challenge represented all the challenges that I had to conquer. That was the Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2012. This is an event that I gave up on a few years ago because I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease and couldn’t take part.

This time around and now that I’ve recovered for some time already, I decided that it would mark me conquering all my fears and rising up to the challenge.

I did it in 16 mins which is pretty decent, though I couldn’t feel my legs for a while after that.

On behalf of the POP Crew, I wish you a wonderful December and if you’re going through challenges, hang in there, you can rise above!

By Elliott Danker

Editor of POPCulture Online

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