Returning to Magic The Gathering with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Becoming a Planeswalker Once Again

The last time I felt the rush of excitement as I played a powerful card that would affect the entire tabletop was back in my school days. The days where the “Black Lotus” was sight to behold and the “Power Nine” was the talk of the entire community. Yes, it has been that long since I took on the role of a Planeswalker to battle it out with spells and summoned creatures. Thus, it was a no brainer when the chance to once again return to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic The Gathering (MTG) and re-learn the game from Neo Tokyo Project’s seasoned players with the latest Innistrad: Midnight Hunt expansion.

One of my biggest worries was at first was that I had long forgotten how to construct a deck of 40 cards to at least put up some fight against my three other opponents for the session. Thankfully the session’s game mode was the commander format, and we were given a choice of either “Coven Counters” or “Undead Unleashed” themed commander pre-constructed packs to choose from the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt expansion. Having decided to go with the “Coven Counters” themed pack, I slowly unpacked my deck and the first thing that hit me was the artwork and design of the cards. If anything, even non MTG fans would agree that the cards were well produced, especially the special artwork type cards from the booster packs.

Magic The Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Magic The Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Thinking that since these are pre-constructed decks that were probably meant for beginners to get started with the game, I happily did a quick scan through the deck only to realise that there were interesting cards in it. One of which was to be the highlight of my game even!

Thanks to the coaching from the staff at Neo Tokyo Project, the game got on its way with lots of spells flying and creatures summoning. While the “Coven Counters” focused on creatures that worked together in unison but were fewer in numbers, the “Undead Unleashed” focuses on summoning lots, and I do mean lots of zombies till I had to do something to prevent myself from becoming zombie food.

Magic The Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Taking inspiration from Leroy Jerkins (yes that is how old I am if you know this reference from the classic days), I tapped all my mana and threw down a spell to hold back the zombie horde. Even if I were to perish in the next turn after taking a painful 14 hits previously which withered my life down to 10, I was not going to go down easy.

Calling down a beam of angelic fury to smite all creatures on the battlefield except that of my choosing, I wiped out most, if not all of the zombies. The look on my opponent’s faces were worth the gamble and I changed the tide of battle. Even if I were to perish the next round, I did my part and that’s all that matters.

Magic The Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt

I soon fell as my commander and creatures fought valiantly to the end to protect me as more zombies were raised to go on the offensive. Even though victory was never to be mine, it was still an enjoyable session and a good reminder why millions of players all over the world still play Magic The Gathering. I’ll probably get a few more games under my belt using the pre-constructed deck and perhaps relearn how to build decks after as the session has definitely ignited that MTG spark again.

By Kenneth Wong

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