Remembering Boston

I had many ideas on what to write for this month’s editor’s note. It is the start of the summer blockbuster season with Tom Cruise showing why he somehow knows a good science fiction movie in Oblivion and of course everyone’s favourite billionaire superhero Tony Stark is back for the 3rd round of Iron Man.

But like everyone else who has access to the news, both offline and online, it was a sad day for many when bombs went off at one of the most celebrated events in the world, the Boston Marathon. As someone who used to run long distance (or as much as my ankle can carry me), I am one of those who are very affected. I mean running or jogging (depending on how fast you wanna complete) is really just so harmless, it’s kind of like the celebration of the human spirit and the unity of mankind in sport. It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t victimize and in fact you see disabled runners as well which makes running or jogging so universal.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would attack them

But today, I want to shift our focus on the good that is often forgotten in such tragedy… that there is still good left in the human heart despite the really shocking actions of the bombers.

I remember seeing footage of how people rushed forward to help instead of running for their lives. I remember reading of runners who finished the race and continued to run to the hospital to donate blood after crossing the finishing line.

To these people who decided to help rather than flee, this note goes out to you. I salute you from the bottom of my heart and I hope this will be an inspiration to everyone. For this I decided to not have the usual photo of myself but rather just leave a blank white space as a tribute to the fallen.

Yes we mourn for the lost and injured. Yes we are hurt deeply as seen from the international outcry. But let us also remember that out of tragedy, there is also a hope for the human race that even in the worst of it all, good can still be done. To all my fellow runners, don’t stop running, let’s show the world the power of the human spirit.

Kenneth Wong.

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