Red Bull Flugtag

Arriving at Siloso Beach Sentosa on a bright Sunday morning you’d see this massive ramp with the giant Red Bull logo on it’s sides. A sight that is slightly intimidating yet one that makes you eager to see the wild and whacky action it’s set to bring!

Red Bull Flugtag teams spent weeks toiling over their man-made aircrafts in an attempt to put Singapore on the world map for creativity and today, Siloso Beach Sentosa saw some of the island’s wackiest human-powered flying crafts take off a 6 meter ramp into the lagoon.

A total of 38 teams consisting of 4 members per team attempted, amidst cheers from a 35,000 strong crowd, to break the Red Bull Flugtag world record distance of 69.79m set in Mainz, Germany earlier this year. This international Red Bull event with a 20 year history made its debut in Singapore and South East Asia for the first time on Sunday 28 Oct!

Eager spectators filled Siloso Beach to its capacity as early as 11 am and were treated to views of the crafts on the pit lane preparing for the first take-off at 12 noon. Nearly a quarter of the teams were inspired by local flair including Team Flurry Express and their MRT cabin, Team ERP with their flying ERP gantry. Local delights such as Chilli Crabs, Durians, Kueh Lapis and Char Siew Pows also took the skies, albeit briefly, before making a huge splash in the water below.

Here’s what the winners, Team Super Sevens had to say

“We didn’t expect to win at all; we just wanted to have a good time and to entertain the crowd! It’s been an exhilarating experience and it’s surreal we won! We wanted a plane that could glide over water and it did just that! Cordelia did well for her first solo flight – in fact, she did so well that only her feet got wet!” exclaimed teammate Wong.

The team comprising commercial pilots Pei Jun Wong, Andrew Tan, Joshua Raj and former cabin crew and model Cordelia Low will fly to Salzburg, Austria for an exclusive tour of Red Bull’s Hangar-7, the home of the Flying Bulls and other amazing fleet of aeroplanes and choppers. The prize will also include an additional skydiving package for 24-year old Low, the pilot.

Apart from the 2nd and 3rd places, there were also prizes for the Wackiest Team Performance which went to The Serial Flyers and The MINI Prize for the longest flight distance which went to Team Amphibious Dragonfly Drone.

But we at POPCulture Online just had to include this one just for kicks! I mean come on, it’s a device we all love to hate and in a way a bit of an icon right here in Singapore.

So of course we were pleased to see it take off and go SPLASH!

It might have been a blazing hot day but this was one wild event and we are so hoping that it will make a return to Singapore soon.

Images courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

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