Reasons For Oblivion

A future where Humans won the war against the aliens yet have to live away from earth, a retired marine just doing his job and a mysterious woman who somehow has more secrets. Yup its one of those movies that seems to be playing safe with the usual science fiction genre guidelines.

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Yup on first look, Oblivion is just another one of those generic science fiction movies with maybe a slightly different ending. Yet as you actually stop and think about it, this might be just the movie to give the latest installment of Star Trek a good run for its movie.

Still need some convincing? Well here is some reasons why…

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Firstly, the movie is not just your another science fiction movie as it has Joseph Kosinski in the director’s seat. For the unacquainted, Joseph is one of the up and coming directors to look out for when it comes to anything science fiction. Since winning the Best Visual Effects at the AICP Show for his work on the Gears of War commercial “Mad World”, Joseph has gone on to direct Tron: Legacy and is also lined up for Tron 3, Archangles and Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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If having a good director is not enough, there is always the main lead and playing the role of Jack Harper is non other than Golden Globe winner Tom Cruise. No stranger to science fiction movies such as War of the Worlds and Minority Report, Tom also has action movies under his belt such as the Mission Impossible series.

But whats a movie without a beautiful actress and in Oblivion, French Actress and Model Olga Kurylenko plays the role of Julia Rusakova. No stranger herself to action movies having playing Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace and Nika Boronina in Hitman, you can be sure she will definitely put up a good show.

Of course lets not forget the stunning visuals from the movie. From the technologically advance cloud city home of the future humans to the landscape that director Joseph Kosinski describes as “below cloud” or whats left of earth after the war. All it takes is one look through the trailer to know that this is one movie that is about to set the standards for visual effects.

All in all, Oblivion does look very interesting in a familiar yet not so familiar way. While it does look to have your standard ingredients for a science fiction movie, you can count on director Joseph Kosinski to spice things up to make it an enjoyable one.

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