POPCulture Online visits SOYC

SOYC officially opened with a special Taiko Performance followed by the lovely emcee, Lenne giving the opening announcement and reminding everyone of the do's and do not's so that everyone can have an enjoyable day at SOYC.

First up for the day was the Battle of the AniBands competition where different bands performed songs from the various anime series. From the ever popular Don't Say Lazy from the K-On series to anime songs from all girl band SCANDAL, the bands entertained the audience with their songs.

And SOYC being a cosplay event, one band (Ryusei) even had their lead vocalist cosplay as one of the vocaloid characters. Very fitting for the occasion if you ask me.

A special performance by Haru House was up next with two of their Haru Butlers, both from Sweden giving us a song rendition. While the vocalist was rather nervous, the audience encouraged him on and the performance was actually not too bad in the end.

One thing that almost every cosplay event would have is the cosplay competition and SOYC is no exception. With the top prize of a Samsung NX100 camera plus $200 worth of vouchers at stake. The Cosplay Solo Competition contestants definitely did their best to impress the judges.

Each contestant got into character when being interviewed followed by 3 poses for the judges. And of course you could see flashes going off all over the place as the contestants took to the stage.

And to add to the entertainment value (which was a good touch I must say by the emcee), even one of the judges got involved.

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