POPCulture Online visits Comifest 2011

Organised by Full House Communications and TCZ Studio, Comifest was created as a mini event that aims to gather all ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) lovers to showcase and promote their unique and creativity talents to the public. And being the first of such an event, POPCulture Online visited this mini event over the March 5-6 weekend.

There were many booths set up by different artist showcasing their latest works from comics, various artwork both original or adapted from a certain series and even photos taken to a certain theme.

Being an ACG event, companies like Wacom are not a suprising sight as they showcase their latest products to help artist translate their artworks into the digital format with their interactive pen tablets.

As a treat for all those who turned up, the organisers had a special line up of featured artist who did live demos during the two days there.

And of course, no anime related event would be complete without our local cosplayers turning up and adding an assortment of different colours to the suntec premises.

Overall it was a good first attempt by the organising committe and I guess they were not prepared to see such an overwhelming response from the public that level 3 was flooded especially with cosplayers who in turned meant that there would be lots of photographers as well. But more importantly it also allowed the local ACG community to have an event to call their own and I am looking forward to the next one.

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