POP Stage – STGCC Cosplay Competition Singles

With judges from the industry such as Mr Reno Tan from Movie Mania, Ms Elizabeth Seah from Haru House and Ms Ellya Chao from Merveilleux Boutique, the expectations were definitely higher for this year’s Cosplay Competition at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention.

Just gotta love those wings!

This year, the competition had a mixture of new and old faces as each contestant wowed the crowds with their lovingly crafted costumes, detailed props with a touch of the latest trend going around in cosplay circles, the LEDs.

Nothing beats a good mecha cosplay

But it was no easy affair this year as each contestant was given about 3 minutes of time to impress the judges. Some decided to use a song item, some went with the idea of giving their best poses while others tried mixing an action sequence timed to the opening song for the anime series.

Romance of the 3 Kingdoms anyone?

Overall I would say the competition level was good with seasoned cosplayers putting up a good show for the audience and you can definitely see the effort put in by the newcomers. I guess the fears that the competition level would take a hit thanks to it being on a weekday to make way for another cosplay event was nothing to be worried about.

Signing of with 2 more shots from the competition:

One of the better Sanada Yukimura Cosplay I seen

DMC Anyone?

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