POP Contest – Jan 2011 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Tron Legacy POP Contest with exclusive Tron Legacy Premiums to be won.

We asked "What would you do if you had the Lightcycle on the Grid?"

It was a hard decision but here are the winners of our Jan 2011 edition.

Jeremy Yeo – Consolation Prize

I would fit the Lightcycle with a turbo or a supercharger, hack the ECU to boost up its stats then pwn the shit out of everyone inside the arena including Rinzler and Clu.

Get Quorra as my reward 😀 Return to the real world with the Lightcycle & Quorra and race to a scenic spot with her just to see the sunrise as promised to her

Eugene Ong – Consolation Prize winner

As an angry Newcastle United fan if I had the the lightcyle on the grid I would create a maze of jetwalls without an exit and have the owner of Newcastle United Mike Ashley in it.

When he realizes that he has no way out, he would derazzed himself to end his suffering because of what he has put me and millions of fans the pain and agony that we have gone through as Newcastle fans.

Joshua Chin – Contest Winner (Wins the Tron Evolution XBOX 360 game on top of the premiums)

I would first decompile the Lightcycle into raw code binary code to analyse. Next I would figure out how the lightcycle works and by inserting memory freezing functions like your game trainers, I would be able to boost the power of my lightcycle to maximum level.

Next up would be to tune it to my riding style for maximum efficiency. Once thats done, I would take part in the games and make all my opponents eat my light wall. Once I have been crowned champion of the lightcycle battles, I would head over to the End of the Line club to chill and find the hottest program and bring her for a ride around the grid in my zhenged lightcycle.

Congratulations once again to all our winners and watch out for the next POP Contest coming your way very soon.

Daft Punk

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