On Set at The Black Project

It is very common these days to see cosplayers inviting hobbyist photographers for a photoshoot and definitely not suprising to see some form of organised photoshoots happening every other weekend. In fact the new trend these days see cosplay photographers and even cosplayers forming groups for purposes like regular meet ups to go for an anime/cosplay event or to have photoshoots for cosplayers.

And there are also some groups that try to take it one level higher and newly formed DNK Studios is one such group. Formed by three friends with very different skills set, they decided to come together to pull their resources and see how far they can go. Not contented with just a simple photoshoot, project leader Nicholas decided to turn it into a video shoot and later a co-production with two other hobbyist groups in the local scene, Omake Studios and Lychee Productions. Thus possibly having the biggest video production so far in the local cosplay scene. And here at POPCulture Online, we will give you a glimpse into this production by going on set at The Black Project.

Filming was scheduled to start around 6pm in the evening but preparations were already on the way in the afternoon as the advanced party did a final check of the place and the cast started doing their own rehearsals. As this would be a evening to night shoot where available light would be limited, everything had to be ready when filming starts as the lack of available light meant the difficulty level was higher.

Filming started later then planned due to some unforeseen circumstances but thankfully the weather held and it did not rain for the rest of the shoot. Soon evening turned to night and the all that is left of ambient lights were the ones from the building which were too far and too weak to be a proper light source.

Thankfully the team came prepared and soon the lightings were up and the filming continued. From large ones to smaller portable video ones, all manners of continuous light sources litted the area. The whole setup no longer looked like a bunch of weekend hobbyist coming together for some fun but more like a group serious amateurs doing something bigger than a weekend project.

Filming carried on through the night and the whole shoot ended way pass midnight with some props that needed mending and  a few bruises that needed healing. But looking at the faces on the group photo, definitely everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a great learning experience too. POPCulture Online also had the privilege of viewing some of the early clips from the shoot and they look promising. This is definitely something to look out for in the near future!

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