POP Art – Haru House Showcase

When it comes to Japanese sub-culture clothes and costumes, Haru House is no stranger to the community having served customers since 2005.

Other then Cosplay, Haru House also specialises in Lolita, Punk, EGA/EGL, Decora, Hime (Princess style), Yukata, Japanese school uniform and casual streetwear. And this year at the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention, we were treated to a “Sparkling Stars” showcase by Haru House.

And what better way to open the showcase then with Ms Elizabeth Seah, owner of Haru House and seasoned cosplayer starting the show off.

There were mainstream characters like Kaname from the Vampire Knight series doing a bit of theatrics with rose petals.

And not so mainstream ones like these two from the video game Daemon Bride.

But the one to catch my attention would be this one from the playstation 2 game, .hack//G.U.’s Haseo.

I have always been the one to look out showcases by Haru House and I am glad they did a good job as they always do. You can view the rest of the shots from the “Sparkling Stars” showcase by Haru House in the gallery below.

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