I have a plan to stay slim this CNY

Greetings my friends and welcome to the brand new month of February! This is gonna be a great month, there’s so much to look forward to. You have Chinese New Year first where you eat and grow fat, then you gonna want to work out double time to look slim enough for Valentines Day.

Well that game plan is probably not going to work out this year because the CNY season and VDay pretty much overlap. Oh well just be fat then….your loved one should accept you for the goodies that you eat! Hahaha!


On to business, I love this month’s cover because we have the legendary Bruce Willis on it. Die Hard 5!!! Can you believe it? Well we help you get reacquainted with John McClane and we meet his son in this month’s A Good Day to Die Hard. Word is that they have signed for a Die Hard 6 before Bruce Willis decides to call it quits on action film roles…..well least he recognises that he’s old and can run jump and kick like he used to. Unlike a certain Italian Stallion who refuses to give in to age.

Since it’s Chinese New Year, I’d like you to meet my greedy POP Crew who have been stuffing their face silly with CNY Goodies.


Unlike me….I’m nicer…..I offer people goodies with the aim of making them fat, then I’ll be slim and good looking for VDay while these greedy people will be fat! MuHahahaha! Oh and I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the 2 newest members of the POP Crew, Alex Tan our photographer and Chua Yuxuan our tech writer! BTW their greed is influenced by Kenneth not me….don’t believe me? Scroll down to view the evidence.

Kenneth Wong – Co-Founder
Kenneth Wong
No Chinese New Year can be called A Chinese New Year if there are no Pineapple tarts. Doesn’t matter if they are the usual open top with the little X on top or the type where the dough wraps around the delicious pineapple filling. From the home baked ones to those made by the top hotels, to me it doesn’t matter as long as you get that melting sensation of the dough as you pop the pineapple tart into your mouth followed by that sweet unique taste of the pineapple, it is good enough for me.
In fact I think I shall go pop one more into my mouth right about now.

Nicholas Kwan – Video-grapher
Crispy and a tad bit spicy. Prawn rolls are a definite fav tidbits for Chinese new year for me. With its tiny size, its crispiness is further enhanced and when chowing down, that salty taste from the shrimps and that slight spicy aftertaste is just heaven.

Ken Koh – Digital Artist
Ken Koh
Love Letters are not letters from someone dear, they are known as Kueh Kapit a Peranakan Cuisine; a thinly toasted pan cake made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and the key ingredient coconut. In the old days they are toasted over a charcoal stove with circular molds and when they are almost done, they are scraped off the mold to be folded or rolled and lastly left to cool.
I can still remember how my late grandmother and mother used to make these with the various stations; the batter, the stove, the folding, the store and lastly the extra station the food bandit… me!
Alex Tan – Photographer
Alex Tan
For my fav CNY goodie has to be Kueh Bahulu. It is a traditional Malay cake made from a mixture of egg, sugar and flour using a specifically-made mould in a preheated oven with charcoal fire. It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s slightly dry, but it taste just Oh so nice. Although it is a malay cake, it has been very popular especially during Chinese New Year.
Dip it into a cup of hot milo, coffee, whatever and it will change the taste of the kueh bahulu just like that. Amazing right. Haha… Just like dunking an Oreo. Ok now, don’t just sit there and drool over it. Go get some today and savior the goodness of the Kueh Bahulu.
Chen KangYi – Writer
Chen Kangyi
My favorite food for CNY every year has gotta be Bak Kwah, nothing screams Chinese new year better than pieces of sweetened pork roasted to perfection under a iron mesh grill.  When you take your first bite, there is a slight tinge of saltiness amidst the overwhelming sweetness.  The smooth texture and aroma soon takes over and what remains is a pleasantly sweet after taste that leaves you wanting more.
Chua Yuxuan – Writer
Chua Yuxuan
Almond cookies are great for a simple reason – they’re the happy marriage of almonds and cookies, two marvelously brilliant things. They’re a bit sweet, completely unassuming, and really addictive. It’s one of those things that work great as both a snack or a light meal, and it’s easy to finish a whole lot of them when idling time away with a jar beside us.
On that note, we at POPCulture Online would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!
Co-Founder and Editor POPCulture Online

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