My Plan for 2013

We had an awesome F1 weekend here in Singapore and it’s left me with a grand plan for 2013 which I will tell you more about in a while.

On to the fun stuff first, we managed to get some great pictures of the 3 big concerts held during the Singapore Grand Prix and I think that’s the extra draw of Formula 1 which makes it more than just a sport, it’s a popular culture now. Jay Chou started the weekend off with his high production performance at The Padang and then on Saturday it was Maroon 5 who performed to an overcrowded Padang causing hell only because so many people wanted to watch the concert.

Sunday was probably the best because Miss Katy Perry took to the stage and it was awesome! Special thanks to Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Racing Eye wear for sponsoring my race day outfit!

This month we take a look at the re-release of Finding Nemo! Ah yes I remember how this film brought a tear to my eyes all those years ago and now it’s back in 3D which is very appropriate. You consider the underwater environment and the quality of the animation and you’d see how this movie is perfect for 3D!

Looking for a new app to play on your iOS or Android? Well Marvel’s Avengers Initiative should provide you hours of smashing fun and you can read all about it in our tech section.

It isn’t all about concerts and movies this month. We take a look at the launch of the Speak Good English Movement 2012 where the motto this year is Make Good English Stick. I’m gonna be the first to admit that I’m not that good at the language and of course I’m prone to messing up my grammar or spelling even. But I think that’s the whole point, that you should keep practicing and trying to stick to speaking good English. The key is to keep trying!

With that, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the folks at The National Library Board for selecting me as one of their 4 advocates of Speaking Good English. I guess you’ll be seeing me in their campaign posters in the papers and even at bus stops and buses.

Ok back to my grand plan for 2013! I want to put an F1 Driver on the cover of our magazine! I think it makes sense considering how F1 is now more of a culture and just a sport so yeah we’re definitely gonna work towards it. Wish us luck!

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Editor of POPCulture Online

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