Pitch Perfect 2 Superbowl Spot Review

Here’s the last Superbowl TV Spot that we’ll be reviewing because we’ve decided to save the best for last! I mean when there’s Anna Kendrick she’s gotta be saved for last!

The Barden Bellas enter an international acapella competition that no American group has ever won. Sound familiar? Yes we are sure it will be a predicable plot line but honestly….you’re not really bothered about that are you? After all, this is the movie we’ve been craving for since the first one!

Why is the most talented one Australian? That line alone was worth the trailer. What more could you ask for? They’ve got most of the original cast back especially the important ones like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson who stole the show in the previous movie.

Interesting to note that Elizabeth Banks is directing this movie so we’ll see how it turns out. Having said that, bring on the acapella versions of all our favourite pop songs from the past 2 years……….and Anna Kendrick!

Pitch Perfect 2 opens in cinemas May 2015

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