Pitch Perfect 2 Review

This sort of movie really isn’t my thing. But you throw in Anna Kenrick and I’m there like a love sick puppy dog! Funny enough, this time around, I was really there for Rebel Wilson cos that Fat Amy character is just hilarious. Would pulling the character off a second time be too much to ask for? Well let’s find out.

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The Plot

Following an incident involving Fat Amy and a wardrobe malfunction at the Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas are suspended from the circuit of A Capella performing. In order to regain their status, the Bellas enter the international competition, a colossal task seeing as how no American team has ever won.

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The Verdict

I loved the first movie and for many it was considered a surprise hit. You’d depend a lot on Anna Kendrick to bring all the laughs but just like the first movie, it’s the supporting cast that make it a collective effort. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all really good friends off-set and the chemistry they have is very apparent in this film.

As always Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) steals the show with her ridiculous antics. Every moment that she’s on screen I’m just waiting in anticipation for her to do something stupid and I love her for it!

There’s a lot more this time from commentators John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks who also directs this film. As well as many surprise cameos from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Pentatonix.

I’ll be honest though, I thought the first film was fresher and this sequel seemed more about closer and passing on the torch for the Barden Bellas. Out of it all comes a very heart warming lesson and bond that any one of us who’s gone through 3 or 4 long years of colleague / university would understand. In a way, I’m gonna miss these girls but it might be a tall ask for them to do another awesome sequel. Then again, it’s Hollywood after all.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Really…..just go watch it for Fat Amy

By Elliott Danker

Pitch Perfect 2 opens in cinemas 14 May 2015

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