Perfume attends world premeire of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2

The world premiere for the Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios computer-animated movie, Cars 2 was held at the El Capitan Theater in L.A. And among the guest invited to walk the red carpet was Japanese Technopop group, Perfume whose song Polyrhythm was used in the movie and also featured in the soundtrack.

The girls walked down the 150m red carpet which took the form of a road track and posed for media representatives from all over the world. The director of Cars 2, John Lasseter was happy to see the girls there and said "The moment I listened to Polyrhythm, I loved it as it was like falling in love."

Perfume member Ayano Omoto commented on Mater (her favorite character from the movie) that she likes how obedient Mater is. She also says that it is not easy to maintain your style all the time but we (perfume) also want to stay the way we are no matter where we are, just like Mater.

The members also commented that the movie was just so lively and fun and they had goosebumps when Polyrhythm was played during the movie. They said that they would like to cherish this opportunity and hold a live concert overseas someday. They would be happy if many people who do not know them would get the chance to know them.

Source: natalie, mantan-web

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