A Visit to the PC Show 2013

Held from the 6th to the 9th of June, the PC Show is back this year at the Singapore Expo where over 800 exhibitors and their products are featured. One of the four quarterly shows, the PC Show 2013 covers over 350,000 square feet of exhibition space with everything from notebooks to televisions and even caters for those looking for credit cards.

As part of his quarterly pilgrimage to the every tech show here in Singapore, resident techie Kenneth Wong braves the crowd and the traffic to visit the PC Show 2013.

PC Show 2013 Samsung Booth

The first thing I noticed about this year’s PC Show 2013 is the lack of the big players in the computer hardware market like Ban Leong and Convergent who handles brands like Razer, PowerColor, EVGA and Kingston. Not that you can’t find some of the products at this year’s PC Show but it is just different not having them setup shop. While this might mean PC Hardware enthusiast might have lesser reasons to visit the PC Show 2013, there are still some interesting things to check out.

PC Show 2013 Epson Trade In Booth

Take for example the trade in promotion by Epson where you get a cool $30 NTUC Voucher if you bring down any old printer and purchase their L series of printers. Using individual colours with high yield, these printers can go as low as $9.90 for 4000 pages printed. Add the fact that you get to dispose your old printer at the booth and not forgetting the NTUC vouchers which make a good distraction to prevent parents from nagging about bring back another new thing, this is one promotion to consider.

PC Show 2013 Acer Chromebook

Making their appearance after much fanfare on the internet are the Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Samsung. Aiming at users who just want a no frills portable device that gets things done faster and easier, these mini laptops run Google’s Chrome OS that any Chrome browser user will feel at home with. With a low starting price of $369 for the Acer Chromebook and $449 for the Samsung and HP one, this is something to consider if you are looking for something light to use on the go or for the seniors who want to stay connected to the internet world.

Best part of the Chromebook is that they are designed from the ground up with security in mind. This means very low chances of virus or malware attacks which saves you the need to buy and install 3rd party security software. Of course I would still recommend safe internet practices as the best defense but having more security is never a bad thing.

PC Show 2013 Miscc Cables Wires Booth

Those looking for odds and ends like USB cables to charge their mobile phones or other types of cables like HDMI and LAN will find many booths filled with all kinds and in different lengths. Definitely cheaper than the bigger stores found in the usual shopping centers, this is a good chance to stock up on such cables as you never know when you need one.

PC Show 2013 ViewSonic ViewPad Pro

With the explosion of tablets into the mobile computing scene, you can be sure that the market will start to see many different kinds try and wrestle for a share. While most would go for the more established brands, those adventurous enough can find good deals from lesser known makers from China and Taiwan. Some of these can be quite questionable and should be avoided if possible, yet there are also safer options around. One of these is ViewSonic who is better know here for their computer monitors.

The ViewPad Pro is one such product from ViewSonic that have been gaining quite a bit of popularity since its launch. Promising the same features as more expensive branded ones in the market, this is one to consider if you are in the market for a tablet that is easy on the wallet.

PC Show 2013 Logitech UE BOOM

Those looking to get some personal audio products can also check out the offerings from Logitech UE. From the Logitech UE4000 headphones to the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox portable speaker, you can be sure that these will give you proper audio with the UE branding. For those looking to get something portable and don’t mind paying more for premium features, the recently launched UE BOOM also makes an appearance at the PC Show 2013.

While the rest of the PC Show 2013 is your usual fare like the 3 major telcos, those willing to explore the other players will find both MyRepublic and ViewQuest out in full force as well. Talking about MyRepublic, the special purple vault is once again open with special offers for both new and existing customers to choose from. Better get them quick though as it is while stocks last.

PC Show 2013 Asus Haswell Desktop

Completing my PC Show 2013 visit is a stop over at the Asus Booth where the latest CPU from Intel makes an appearance. Considering that the new Haswell processors were officially announce in the same week, it was a pleasant surprise to find both the i7 and i5 variant in Asus’ latest desktop series, the G10AC and the M51AC.

While there were no signs of any Haswell laptops like the popular Zenbook series or Asus’s ROG line available at the PC Show 2013, I do expect that these will soon be coming in as well on a later date.

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