The PC Master Race

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There has been a lot of talk on this and recently I too have been drawn into this debate of PC Gaming versus Console Gaming.  Sorry Apple fans but it has been widely proven that Macs are at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to games. So back to the debate of who is better and well looking at the title, you would know who I think is the master race. Before you start the hate mail coming, let me explain and defend myself first.

A recent report by DFC Intelligence, an analyst firm states that revenue from PC Gaming have overtaken that of the console and honestly this is not surprising thanks the rise of MOBAs and free to play MMORPGS. Even though these games cost almost thing to get started, the carefully inserted micro transactions or “in game shop” as most know it has been instrumental in bringing the money in. Even the famous paid MMORPG World of Warcraft has an online store to buy pets, mounts and vanity items. Blizzard has also recently allowed paid power levelling in the form of an instant level 90 boost token to be bought from the store.

But have you wondered why PC Gaming has picked up in recent years? Well firstly the ownership of a PC and a stable internet connection is definitely on the rise. The cost of owning a decent PC to do work on platforms such as Microsoft Office has gone down compared to 5 years ago. Secondly, popular games such as MOBA favorites DOTA 2 and League of Legends do not require a high end PC to play. That PC that you just bought from the recent IT Show to do your Excel or Word? Well it will most probably play DOTA 2 or League of Legends at decent settings. Other favourites such as Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 also do not require high end machines as well. Even my work laptop does Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft plus the occasional Battlefield 4 and Phantasy Star Online 2 nicely.

Of course lets not forget about the graphics a PC can produce compared to a console like the Playstation 4 or the XBox One. Sure you get nice Full HD graphics on both systems but honestly compared to what a high end PC can do, there is just no fight. Just take a look at Battlefield 4, Call of Duty or even Titanfall. When it comes to flexing its muscles, there is no way you can beat a AMD 290x or the nVidia Titan in raw power.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not here to bash consoles as they definitely have their place in a gamer’s life having own all the Playstations myself. In fact, the reason I decided to get a nice Full HD Sony Bravia is to compliment my Playstation 4 which I got on release day here in Singapore. Just that if you ask me, the Playstation 4 was always to compliment my PC and never to be my main gaming platform. Sure there are games I enjoy a lot on the Playstation 4 like the recent Fifa 2014 and Square Soft did a wonderful job of porting Final Fantasy 14, somehow it just feels like something is missing.

Well this doesn’t mean that the PC Master Race is set in stone as the age of the Console gaming did took everyone by surprise during the age of the Playstation 2 and the first Gran Turismo for it. No other racing game came close and not forgetting Final Fantasy 10 which took the RPG world by storm. Hopefully the age of the Consoles will soon come again as complacency breeds contempt and the last thing we want is developers to get lazy and produce sub par games.

Till then, I will be getting my raiding momentum back as I prepare for Warlords of Draenor and maybe take a look at Path of Exile that my fellow PC Gamers have been trying to get me to play.

by Kenneth Wong.
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