ParaNorman Reviewed

Not all of us get to be Mr or Miss popular in school. Having said that, how many of us really know what it feels like to be treated differently. Well there’s a lesson to be learned in this week’s ParaNorman! Staring the voice talents of Kodi Smit-McPhee, Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick and John Goodman.

The Plot

Meet Norman. The school boy from Blithe Hollow, whose parents don’t understand him, his sister doesn’t like him either, and the school bully Alvin always picks on him. His new friend Neil, accident-prone with varieties of allergies, joins him on his adventure to save the town from the witch’s curse.

With the town under siege by the walking dead, Norman has to use his gift of talking to dead people to save the day. Joined by Norman’s shallow teenage sister Courtney, Neil’s jock brother Mitch, and the school bully Alvin, the unlikely gang goes on the adventure of finding themselves, and learning to love one another.

The Verdict

ParaNorman is a stop-motion animation that is definitely refreshing in the scene of the current CGI animations that are out there. Without the usual gore and violent scenes(short of a few broken zombie bones), ParaNorman is a fun monster story for kids. Throw in how the writers manage to incorporate messages such as anti-bullying, finding one’s purpose and learning to respect those who are different, ParaNorman is a great movie for pre-adolescent and adults.

I was impressed with the effort and works to create this movie. The characters were a fun bunch, and there were so many funny moments in the movie that the cinema roared with laughter.

Neil would probably be my favourite, He’s the stand out character because he is always optimistic, fiercely loyal and really the best friend anyone can ask for. Although I must warn that this would not be a movie parents should bring the younger kids for. Some scenes of the zombies and loud sounds might leave an adverse effect on them so yes it is a little scary and more for older kids at best.

Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Step into the cinema early to catch the creative process of the movie and the makings of this comedic thriller.

By Ivy Leow

ParaNorman opens in cinemas 30 Aug

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