Pacific Rim Uprising world premieres

Have you seen the new Pacific Rim Uprising movie? Well here are some fun facts you might want to take note of before you see the movie.

Both Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) are back in the sequel, though their drift with the kaiju in the original hasn’t left them unscathed.

Their friendship will be a lot more cautious this time around, since they stopped working together.

The sequel will function as a standalone. It’s only been 10 years since the catastrophic events of the original Pacific Rim, so the world is still very much in disarray.

The action moves from Santa Monica to Sydney to Tokyo and you see the world at different stages of rebuild.

Rinko Kikuchi will be back for the sequel, but there will be plenty of tension between she and Jake when she returns.

China will play a big role in the plot, as a corporation attempts to pilot Jaegers by drone rather than with humans.

The drift won’t just be used to connect Jaeger pilots in Pacific Rim Uprising, it will also be used to deliver information to the audience, particularly to reveal information about Mako and Jake’s relationship with Stacker.

The Jaegers will each have a special move to differentiate themselves. The Kaiju will be faster moving, have different designs, different textures. They too have their own special moves.

A script for the sequel was written with Charlie Hunnam in mind before he committed to Papillon, and scheduling conflicts prevented him from starring in the film. Michael B. Jordan was also considered for the role of Jake Pentecost but had commitments to Black Panther before Jon Boyega committed to the role.

Pacific Rim cost USD$190 million to make in 2013, while Pacific Rim Uprising cost just USD$150 million to make. That’s like 25% less of the budget allocated.

Pacific Rim Uprising has been aged down significantly from the first movie: Jake and Amara lead the film as cadets known as Hopefuls, rather than the adult pilots that led the first film. The choice to age the cast down was made with younger audiences in mind.

Pacific Rim Uprising is in cinemas now

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