Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen Releases Good Time Music Video

American electronica musical project Owl City, a project by singer-songwriter Adam Young, has released the music video to his latest single, Good Time. The single is the first one off his latest album, The Midsummer Station and sees Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen in a duet with Adam.

When asked about working with Carly Rae Jepsen, Young said:
I love Carly’s song “Call Me Maybe”. I remember hearing it for the first time and immediately became a huge fan of hers – it is absolutely contagious. A bit later, I actually found out that she had known of my music for a while and even went to a couple of shows of mine in Vancouver so I definitely knew I wanted to collaborate with her.

And Jepsen had this to say about working with Adam Young:
This song is pure, sweet summer. Big thanks to Adam for letting me sing on it. I hope it makes people smile.Abandon all plans and take an impromptu road trip!This mutual admiration and excitement to work together can be heard on “Good Time” – an undeniable summer anthem.

And what better way to do a music video about the incredibly infectious pop gem then to have both go on a road trip with friends, mess around with the slurpee machine and dance around the camp fire. After all, there is sometimes nothing better than a good time than to head outdoors!

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