Owl City: All Things Bright And Beautiful Reviewed

Owl City’s new album, All Things Bright and Beautiful is filled with nice bright tracks and seems to reflect a guy who is somewhat grown up with a dash of Emo-Pop so to speak. Whether or not you're a diehard Owl City fan, Adam Young does not disappoint with this album. If you really pay attention there is some repetition of his trademark tone but in a good way.

The Verdict

The first single off the album “Alligator Sky” features rapper Shawn Chrystopher, which was a nice touch especially if you compare it to the non rap version of the track. The thing about Owl City is his ability to write cute lyrics and mash it up with cool electronica beats. “The Yacht Club” breaks form a bit with a more danceable tempo than others and gorgeous guest vocals by Lights

"Galaxies" was another stand out track for me with the chorous seemly showing a more vulnerable side of Adam due mostly to it's lyrics yet still maintaining that same bright tone throughout.

Owl City’s 2009 breakthrough Ocean Eyes still remains more of a guilty pleasure to me compared to this album because every track on that album was just as good as the other. Although All Things Bright and Beautiful mostly has plenty of big, catchy keyboard exercises to keep the kids dancing, it still doesn't quite compare to his 5 star debut.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

A must buy for all Owl City fans. If you're new to Adam Young then I would suggest you get this album first then buy 2009's Ocean Eyes, That's actually how I arranged the playlists on my Ipod.

All Things Bright and Beautiful is out at all good music stores

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