OPPO N1 Review: The Answer to Your Selfie Needs

Oppo N1 Selfie Review

It’s been a long time since I last spent a few days running all over the country, looking for something that I really want. But that was exactly what I did days after I returned my test unit of the OPPO N1 phone. (As of this moment, I’ve bought the last unit available at AMK Hub. You can probably try your luck at Far East Plaza though.)

The lovely thing about this phone, really, lies in its epic selfie function. For the vain pots among us whose theme song is one particularly irritating dance mix by The Chainsmokers, this is one phone that we never knew we wanted.

Oppo N1 Selfie Camera

You know how there is no good way of taking a good selfie? You either use the front camera and your photo turns all pixelated and noisy, or you use the back camera, try to estimate where your face is, and then end up with an extremely unflattering photo of your nostrils or something. With OPPO N1, your problem gets solved because your front camera IS your back camera! The camera can be rotated a 206°, to face forward so that you can take a high resolution (4128 x 3096 pixels!) photo of yourself easily!! (Being able to see what exactly I’m taking a picture of also means I can take a group selfie easily, provided my arm is long enough.)

When I first heard of this rotatable camera, I was a little afraid that the camera will fall out after some time, but nope, it is kept quite firmly and securely onto the phone. According to the fact I got with the camera, I could rotate it 40 times a day for up to 7 years and it will still work perfectly.

If there is any downside to the phone, it is that it is really big, with the dimensions 170.7mmx82.6mmx9mm and a display screen size of 5.9 inches. A Samsung S4 can practically fit entirely onto the area of an N1 screen! But how I see it? All the better for me to edit photos and watch videos on the phone with all its 1080p full HD glory!

If you use your phone mainly for social media, texting and taking selfies, like I do, then you may want to consider checking out the unit at any of their retailers. The list of retailers can be found here.

Meanwhile, here are just some of the selfies that I’ve taken with this phone:

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by Tessie Tan

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