One Upon Light (PS4) Review

Escape The Light With The Shadows!

I always believe in supporting local talent and was extremely excited when One Upon Light, a local indie game by SUTD Game Lab arrived in my mail box. Promising interesting game mechanics and challenging puzzles to clear, let’s take a look at what the game has to offer.

One Upon Light puts you in the shoes of a scientist who happens to wake up one day and find himself allergic to light. If that doesn’t sound wacky enough (in a good way), finding that his science lab is now in monotone filled with puzzles that deal with light and shadow should.

One Upon Light Screenshot 00 Title

With such a setting, I eagerly started solving puzzles that involved moving around in the dark like some vampire thanks to the shadows from the various lab equipment and furniture. As the stages go by, I also find myself wishing I paid attention to my photography and physics teachers about forming light and shadows as the difficulty goes up. The guy who came out with the idea of light and shadows must have either loved the topic so much in class or hated it that he would have gamers fear the light as well in this game.

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Graphics and Sound wise, the game is decent at best when compared to the many titles out there for the Playstation 4. Yet considering the size of the team compared to say a triple A game title, this can be easily overlooked and the style did grow on me after a while. The only issue I have with the game is the story telling. Words are either too fast in disappearing off screen or somehow I don’t really feel drawn into the whole plight of our scientist.

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Overall One Upon Light will appeal to the serious and maybe even hard core puzzle gamer as it does require quite a bit of brain power as time go by. The developers definitely did an excellent job modelling how light and shadows work and translated them realistically into this game.

Yet with all these shortcomings, I would still recommend One Upon Light to gamers looking for a challenge especially when it comes at a price of USD $6.49, just nice as a Christmas gift for your puzzle game loving Playstation 4 owning friend!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 Stars

by Kenneth Wong

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