Omake Studios – Cosfest X.1 Videos

With the gaining popularity of VDSLRs and their mirrorless m4/3 counterparts, you can find many people getting into it and shooting videos of all sorts. From home made music videos to commercial documentaries, the idea is slowing turning mainstream.

And today POPCulture Online takes a look at not one but two such videos by Omake Studios(with support from DNK Studios and  EvilBros Inc) from one of the more noteworthy cosplay events for the year, Cosfest X.1 which was held at Downtown East.

Cosfest X.1 Tribute Intro

While there are many videos from the event, this particular one stands out with its interesting take on the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO music video and adapting it for the event. Special note also to the actors who played the part quite well (and not forgetting the guy who was so engrossed to the music thanks to his Audio Technica headphones).

Cosfest X.1 Interviews

And of course, whats a cosplay event without cosplayers and it is always nice to see an interview video with well thought of questions. Plus short clips of the event itself in between the interviews definitely gives the viewer a sense of the ambiance at Cosfest X.1.

Thumbs up to the team behind the video and hopefully we will get to see more videos of future events.


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