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Oishii Japan was held at Suntec Singapore Halls 401 – 402, from 17 – 19 October 2013. The fair showcases the best of Japanese food and beverages products and technology, with demonstrations and talks by industry experts. This year, the POPCulture Online team visited Oishii Japan and was treated to an eye-opening and mouth-watering gastronomic experience.

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At the demonstration The Art of Freshness in Japanese Cuisine over at the MAFF (Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) pavilion, Chef Shigeru Shiraishi ((Executive Chef of Takumi Restaurant) performed the Japanese traditional method of descaling fish. According to him, this method allows the chef to peel off 100% of the fish scales, and keep the flesh inside protected so as to prevent contamination. The fish that were used in this demonstration were also fed with mikan (tangerines, or kum, as we in Singapore call it), giving the flesh a light citrusy sweetness.

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Ms Ayuchi Momose (Sake Samurai & Director of Sake Bar GINN and Momose Co Ltd) shared with us the process of brewing sake, or Japanese rice wine, and how to choose the correct type of sake. Do you know that the wine’s SMV (Sake Meter Value) tells us how dry or how sweet it is? The lower the value, the sweeter the sake is. For those of us who enjoy sweetness in our liquor, this is certainly a useful piece of knowledge. And if you were guilty of indulging regularly in oily foods (like me!), you would be happy to know that sake with a more acidic taste, such as Kozaemon’s Tokubetsu Junmai, works wonders with cleaning up the oily aftertaste in your mouth!

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Oishii Japan also featured other types of sake, such as the sparkling jelly sake – Ikezo. If you enjoy drinking, but do not like the bitter burn that most liquor have, you should certainly check it out. The jelly goes down smoothly, leaving behind a lingering fragrance of peaches (or berries, depending on the flavor you have chosen). This jelly sake is already available for sale at Sake Inn at Tampines 1, or Japanese supermarkets such as Isetan and Meidiya.

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One of the highlights at Oishii Japan this year is the J-Ramen Collection pavilion, A unique showcase featuring three of Japan’s leading ramen chefs – Keisuke Takeda (Ramen Keisuke), Kenji Tsukada (Bond of Hearts) and Tsujita Takehiro (Nidaime Tsujita). The chefs will be serving their signature and special ramen dishes throughout the three days. As this is a first come first serve with limited quantities each day, queues were long as visitors were all eager to try out the masterpieces from the 3 chefs.

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There are also more booths with Japanese craft beer, beef from different parts of Japan, freshly made soba noodles that come in different flavours and many more. Even if you are not a trade visitor or industry professionals, Oishii Japan is certainly a must-go for all aficionados of Japanese food. This writer was so well fed at the end of this visit that she is demanding her editor for more of such assignments. We at POPCulture Online are definitely looking forward to going to Oishi Japan next year!

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by Tessie Tan
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