My Fave Number is SIX

Time flies when you are have lots of things to do and its definitely been a busy, fun and crazy last one month and here we are, the March issue of our no longer just a small online website. Honestly I would never have imagined that what started out as a hobbyist idea for two guys to own their own website to talk about pop culture has turned into something like this… and bigger!

Again a big thanks to all our supporters and friends who believed in this website and on behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your help, advice or even just signing up for our facebook page. Last count at the time of writing this is that the numbers has crossed the 100 mark which is good. We are working on some facebook page stuff that only those who "liked" the page has access to, so do tell your friends about it.

Our third issue is about the latest sci-fi movie, I Am Number Four and thanks to Walt Disney Studios Singapore, we get to feature Alex Pettyfer on the cover and of courses also get to watch the movie as well. While I wouldn't go into details about the movie since we have our review article, I would like to add that while everyone was fanboying over actress Dianna Agron, the cheerleader from the hit TV series Glee, I thought otherwise that Number Six played by actress Teresa Palmer was HOT!

Maybe I belong to the minority that prefer female characters to not only look good but also know how to get rough when needed like Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series or even Laura Croft from the Tomb Raider series. Add those cool looking shades and that red bike and you made a fanboy in me. I would have voted for her to be babe of the month but I guess the poll results came in and Natalie Portman won this time round with her excellent performances in her recent movies which I have to agree.

I mean which other female character gets to use funky weapons like an energy gun plus a cool looking knife to kill her enemies plus she turns fireproof with that blue shield. Woot! Definitely a girl I know who can handle the heat!

POP Stage is back this month with pictures galore Taylor Swift's excellent concert. The energy was so high that I got to say thumbs up to all the fans which turned up and of cos the talented singer didn't let her fans down one bit. We also preview the upcoming Jplex event from the good people at Sozo who gave us Anime Festival Asia over the last three years (And caused my wallet to go on a major diet everything its in town). Not forgetting POP Retro where we talk to a local stormtropper about his decision in becoming one and also a V-Day take on a cosplay photoshoot with a group of cosplayers and photogs (one of which took the photo of me with the pistols).


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