Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker Review

With the rise in Bluetooth being found in devices that we use everyday, it makes sense for companies to go down the Bluetooth route when developing new products. The most popular of these bluetooth products seem to be from the audio realm. From headsets to earphones and also speakers, the idea of going wireless via Bluetooth is just too tempting.

Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speakers 01

One such example is the latest range of Bluetooth speakers from Nude Audio, which is based in San Franciso with operations in Hong Kong. While smaller Bluetooth speakers are more common, bigger ones are rarely seen still. Yet Nude Audio has decided to thread into this area with their Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker.

On first look, the Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker seems to have been designed with Nude Audio’s direction of “Simple aesthetics” as it is really simple with nothing fancy or bling added to the look.

Measuring around 9” wide by just over 4” tall and 2.7” deep, the Nude Audio Move L is by no means small. Yet it is also not that big that it becomes a bother to bring around. In fact this is a good size to bring along to a BBQ session or even on a camping trip. The construction of the Nude Audio Move L seems quite hardly as well giving the impression that it can take a few knocks here and there although this is something I think is best avoided if possible.

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Usability of the Nude Audio Move L is satisfactory with your standard buttons to turn on the device, adjust the volume and a Bluetooth button that stays on when connected or flashes when available for pairing. This is good as even without reading the manual which most don’t these days, it is still intuitive enough to take, go and play.

Of course the most important thing about any speaker is its audio performance and for the Nude Audio Move L, I first tested Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors which the speaker did a very decent job considering its SGD $169 price tag. The mids and highs were reproduced well and I am very satisfied with it.

Moving to the test the performance of the Nude Audio Move L when it come to bass heavy tracks, I played A Light That Never Comes by Linkin Park Ft Steve Aoki. Overall the track sounded decent but the lows seem to be a bit weak. Not that is is terrible but somehow I wished that there was a little more punch with the bass sounds.

I decided to run the speakers by one more song and picked my latest addition to my playlist, Vicetone vs. Popeska – The New Kings (ft. Luciana). Overall the vocals are once again well produced but somehow something in the bass still feels missing.

Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speakers 02

Overall the Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker is still a very decent speakers despite it’s weaker lows considering its price tag and size. Definitely something to consider especially for those looking for a portable speaker system for the likes of BBQs or Picnics.

Ratings : 3.5 out of 5 stars.

by Kenneth Wong
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