Nikon D750 Hands On Preview

Ever since its appearance at the recent Photokina, the Nikon D750 has become one of the hottest DSLR that is on the lips of many. Essentially a D810 using the D610 sensor, it also looks to be potentially the D700 replacement looking at its number convention. But is it just a mix and match? Kenneth Wong looks to answer that question as he spends time with the camera at the Nikon I Am Full Freedom event.

Nikon D750 Hands On Preview

The first thing that comes to mind when I hold up the camera is the built, feel and weight. This is definitely a light camera seeing how it houses a full frame sensor inside and has a 100% optical view finder. Even compared to the D610, this camera feels better in my hands and definitely the new Carbon Fibre construction has something to do with it. While I would still prefer a grip to complete the whole feel of the camera coming from the pro body days, I would have no issues using it on its own.

Talking to the Nikon product specialist, I learned that the material used to construct the D750 is called Sereebo®, which is manufactured by Teijin Limited. A little research on this shows that not only is this different from conventional carbon fibre construction, the way the internals are bonded enforces its internal strength making it even more durable yet not sacrificing weight. In theory, this means I can bring this into a crowded photopit, take a few knocks due to the nature of it and yet still get my shots. A plus point I would say.

Next up is to give the autofocus a try seeing how it has the new Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus (AF) module, an updated version of the one in the D810. From my experience with the Nikon D810, the autofocus is extremely quick and fast and on the D750 this holds true as well. Hunting is minimal and even when switching from subject to subject both near and far, the autofocus nails it right. Hopefully I will get a set to review to really give the autofocus a good workout.

Nikon D750 Hands On Preview

Image quality is also something I am very interested in seeing how well the D810 performs and the D750 has the same EXPEED 4 image-processing engine yet a smaller megapixel camera. While I had to use the latest release candidate of Adobe DNG Convertor to convert the D750 raw to DNG to process it in Lightroom 5.6, the initial results are very encouraging even up to 12,800 ISO with minimum touch up and noise reduction.

Nikon D750 Hands On Preview

While I didn’t have much time to give the new video mode a good workout, initial impressions were also good and a huge improvement from previous models. From the new Nikon Flat colour profile and the ability to shoot Full HD movies in 1920×1080/60p (59.94 fps) format with minimal jaggies or moiré, the D750 movie mode does have everything going for it.

Overall my hands on experience with the new Nikon D750 has been very encouraging and while many have concluded that the Nikon D750 is the successor to the D610 or the D700, I would beg to differ as it looks to me that Nikon has carved out a whole new segment with the D750.

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