Nikon D4s – I Am Speed


The sun was shining bright and the wind was cool. The awesome folks at Nikon Singapore have once again invited us at POPCulture Online to a fun filled event held at Kartright Speedway. With the event titled “I am SPEED”, the bosses at POPCulture Online decided to send in our very own race driver to attend this event.


Some say, he decided to match the shutter speed of his camera with the turbo spooling speed his car… but till date he still haven’t had the slightest idea how to do so. All we know though is that he is called the STICK!!!!! (which the whole POPCulture Online team has no idea why but we decided not to ask more).


Nikon Singapore has been known to match a camera with each of their event. And from the “I am SPEED” title our guess couldn’t have missed it by much especially with all the rumors flying around the internet.


Welcoming us at the event was the amazing Nikon new pro DSLR camera, the Nikon D4s. And as camera lovers, we seriously couldn’t shift our longing eyes away from it. Nikon has gotten input from professional photographers all over the world regarding the D4. Working on the likes and dislikes collected, the all new D4s is indeed a similar yet different machine altogether.


Nikon termed it “some small changes” but to us, it seems more like an impressive upgrade which will alter the way one use the camera. By offering a new auto-focusing mode known as the Group-area AF (which uses 5 focus points: one specified by the user, as well as one each above, below and to the left and right of the selected focus point). This mode not only enable smoother auto-focusing but also a faster work-flow with continuous shooting at approximately 11 fps with AF and AE tracking. Not forgetting the new EXPEED 4 image-processing engine also enable photographers to capture images with stunning sharpness, enhanced depth and natural skin tones.


A number of other improvement have also been adopted to meet the advance demands of professional photographers, like improved viewfinder visibilities with a more stable viewfinder image during continuous shooting and a shorter viewfinder blackout time, smoother operation with less stress from a redesigned grip and refined layout of operational buttons and controls. A RAW S Small (12-bit uncompressed RAW) setting has also been added for fasting post-capture editing on a computer.


Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to have more hands on time with the Nikon D4s myself to give you our readers a more in-depth review of it. This is due to the Nikon D4s unit being hogged by people at the event for extended period of times. While regrettably this tend to happen at events such as this and I understand everyone is excited, I was a little disappointed with not being able to get enough time to have a better feel of the camera. Well at least the race driver in me got to burn more track time as its back to the track!


Race time was fast and furious, where we were divided into 3 groups. Winner will be based on the top 3 fastest lap time. Each group was given a practice session where we familiarize with our karts followed by a short break before heading back out to clock your fastest lap time.


With the wind rushing to our face, flooring down the throttle, gunning our way down the track while tackling the bends and corners hoping to look like a full flag racer, this is as close as one can get to being a maniac on the road. (We at POPCulture Online would like to remind everyone out there to practice road safety. If you would like to race, please visit your local race track where you can do so in a safe and controlled environment).

Prizes were awarded for a Nikon D4s quiz where 3 winners walk away with a lovely Nikon bag of goodies. (I don’t know what’s inside as Ken and I were busy helping ourselves to the delicious snacks and drinks provided).


The day ended with the prize presentation for the top 3 fastest lap time winners. They each received a trophy which as you all know as much, we didn’t win. Haha!


Once again a fun filled day all thanks to Nikon Singapore for the invitation. If there’s anything that we would like to let you guys know, it would be….. Wish You Were Here! 😛

Alex Tan and Ken Koh from POPCulture Online, signing out.

© POPCulture Online 2014, All Rights Reserved

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