New UVERworld album this June

Japanese band UVERworld has announced that they will be releasing a new studio album this June 1st. This will be their 6th album after the 5th album, Last which peaked at number 2 on the Oricon Top 200 charts. The title to the album is still unknown currently.

UVERworld vocalist TAKUYA commented on the album that the group has completed the album and can't wait to let everyone hear it soon. He pointed out that he was able to spend more time than usual on the lyrics for the songs in it, He added that some of the lyrics were written after the March 11th earthquake that hit Japan and the band member's wrong wishes can be seen in them.

The album will be released in a Limited Edition and Regular Edition version. The limited edition version will include a DVD which is over 80 minutes. This will include a short version of Core Abilities which is a video works from their LAST Tour live concert and documentary and numerous other video clips.

The band will also release their new single CORE PRIDE on the 11th of May.

Source: natalie

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