Never Go Back

Tom Cruise is back and he still seems to have the same pull as he did when he did Top Gun! Well we asked some of our contest winners what they thought of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and why we all love Tom Cruise so much!

Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions

The movie’s plot was not bad with its small unexpected twist and near non-stop action. I was exposed to his films at a very long age of 5 or so when the first mission impossible film came out and continued his other films as i grew older. He has a determined and ‘can-do’ look that makes his characters unique in the sense that they are always pushing the human boundaries
Alexander Tan

Tom Cruise carried out the movie very well, regardless of emotion scenes or action scenes, his experience on screen is very apparent and watchable.

Joesph Sng

He doesn’t look his age at all! He is 54 after all but he’s still doing all those dangerous stunts. Definitely an ageless star

Jenny Lim

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 11: Cobie Smulders, Tom Cruise and Edward Zwick visit the Forbidden City during the promotional tour of the Paramount Pictures title "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back", on October 11, 2016 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures) *** Local Caption *** Cobie Smulders; Tom Cruise; Edward Zwick

Actually I love that the female lead (Cobie Smulders) is a strong independent kick ass woman on par with Tom. Seldom you get to see such character in action movies.

Melvin Ho

Go check out the film and decide for yourself! But if you’re a Tom Cruise fan, you really don’t need a reason to head to the cinema.

Jack Reacher opens in cinemas 20 Oct 2016

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