NBA2K14 Review

NBA2k14 is here and we’re ready for the upcoming NBA season ahead. The cover of this year’s game is none other than Le Bron James and boy are we in for some basketball action. I’ve spent a good amount of time playing NBA2K since 08 and the comments I get from onlookers have been consistent. “Is this a live game? Is it real?” This is where 2K sports have done exceedingly well. Animations for players are spot on whether you’re playing as Kobe from the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks or just throwing a nasty posterizing slam as Blake griffin.

NBA2k14 spots the usual game modes, quick play, MyCareer, training camp, NBA blacktop and MyPlayer.  As a veteran NBA2k player, I jumped into a quick match to test my skills against the A.I. Right off the bat, you would notice the buzz in the crowd and the atmosphere of a lifelike NBA crowd. Aesthetically, NBA2k14 looks excellent. Player models have been updated. James Harden from the rockets even spots an accurate beard this year.

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Let’s talk about controls. The first thing that’s different from 2k13 is that the shot stick LT has been removed  and replaced with the Right analog stick which was pretty much how we used to play prior 2k games. Hence, dribble moves, shots are now all back to the right stick. It took some getting used to the controls but after a few freestyle practices I was ready to go. One of this year’s most exciting additions to the controls is Pro Stick. It allows you to pull of intricate shots and toss flashy no look passes. Pro Stick takes time to master. Initially it could mean tossing a ball out of bounds or a team mate fumbling to get control of the ball; however with more practice I was performing shot fakes and a dish to the outside 3-point shooter who was wide open and Kevin Durant Knocks one down!

NBA2K14 spots all the current NBA teams whose rosters which are dynamic living which means player attributes and tendencies are automatically updated to reflect their true life hot cold streaks. One of the new modes puts you in the shoes of Le Bron James and you can play as King James from Miami and you try to win him as many championship rings as possible and the other mode, let’s call it fantasy journey as you take Le Bron into alternate paths including the Knicks and back to Cavaliers in what if scenarios. While this is good, I still personally preferred NBA the greatest 2k12 and 13 modes where you walked the path of legends like Jordan, Pippen, Malone, and Larry Bird.

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In Summary, NBA2k14 does an amazing job at further enhancing the current franchise. It hits the spot for basketball fans and is easy to pick up and play. The only gripe I have is, 2k Sports should have ported it to the vita with cross play capabilities and included a Tracy Mc Grady mode to honour his retirement from the NBA. If you’re thinking whether you should upgrade from 2K13, I would say this upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Choong
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