NBA2K14 Playstation 4 Review

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Coming in fresh from my review of NBA2K14 on the last generation consoles, it was only natural that I picked up the PS4 next generation version of the game. After all with 17,000 man hours poured into the next gen version, I could not help but anticipate and get excited over what 2K Sports had in store on the next generation consoles. Boasting better hardware on the PS4, it was clear that 2K Sports wanted to leverage on this to bring you the next step in realism and simulation basketball.

Let’s get this out of the way before we go any further and spend some time talking about the jaw dropping graphics of NBA2K14. Every player it seems has been intricately designed from the way they move, swagger, signature moves, way they bounce the ball, pull of shots, and make a layups, dunks. The dynamic expressions of players when they miss a big shot, get fouled out add a new depth to the living breathing world. The stadiums and lighting and crowd also add a new level of realism an already established series. The controls have remained literally the same as the previous iteration of the game.

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Most of the last generation game modes have been re-packaged to NBA today where you get live updates and scores of how their real life counterpart teams are doing including up to date injuries. Even how hot or cold a player is at that point is dynamically reflected. Given that we’ve discussed this in previous generation, let’s spend some time talking about the new My Career/ My Player mode. Coming of the success from the previous generation, the next gen My Career puts you in the shoes of a rookie pre-draft eager to impress and make his mark in the big league. Sure, sometimes the over-dramatization and the cheesy moments like Elton Brand requesting me to carry his luggage and a coach who’s overly eager to dock my playing minutes is a little too much, I found myself eager to prove them wrong and rise to the occasion. It’s the immersion that gets you focused and going. VC (Virtual coins) makes a return as the currency that you earn in-game or purchase with real cash (Micro transactions) that drive player stats. This merely means you could either grind for VC’s or purchase your way to greatness. Either way, it’s up to you. I think 2K Sports have balanced this rather well because you could easily work your way to an average 80+ player by spending under 10 bucks.

My park is also a new feature where you literally take your created player to a park where you could jump in and play some street basketball with either your friends or players online. Latency issues aside, I found it fun and easy to jump into a street match with 10 random people.

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Given that NBA2K14 was a resounding success on last generation consoles, 2K Sports knew it wouldn’t be easy jumping onto an entirely new platform. I’m very pleased to say that NBA 2K14 showcases what next generation gaming is all about. It encapsulates the very essence of basketball, the NBA world and what it is like to be an NBA player. While the game isn’t perfect (minor clipping or graphical issues), it is certainly commendable what 2K Sports has achieved given the time frame they had. While I’m still hoping for a Vita cross play experience, it’s very exciting to see where 2K Sports go from here. However, I am hoping at the same time that NBA LIVE 14 which launches on the same platform can bring a decent competition to the playing field. As of now, whether you have purchased the last generation of NBA2K14 or missed out for some reason, the next generation version is worth every bit of your time and hard earned money.

Ratings 4 out of 5

by Kenneth Choong
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