NBA 2K13 Review

This game is a dunking good!

Let me be honest here and say, I’ve never been good at basketball virtually or in an actual court but NBA 2K13 has managed to hook me with its impressive visuals coupled with stellar gameplay elements that would appeal to both hardcore NBA fans and casual players alike. For those who do not know NBA 2K13 is currently the ONLY basketball game with an official affiliation to the NBA but instead of kicking back and enjoying the monopoly that they now have, the team at 2K games actually kept the pedal to the metal worked hard to deliver nothing less than stellar.

The controlling your individual NBA player involves a steep learning curve for a non-basketball fan like me but after a few rounds of practice, i was consistently dunking hoops and scoring points against the opposing AI player. The right thumbstick aka the “Dribble Stick” allows me to easily bring the ball to the opposing half, shooting is accomplished by pulling the L2 button coupled with a directional press from the right stick. The biggest flaw with NBA 2K13 is actually the lack of proper tutorials which would explain the finer points of the game such as the “Signature Skills” system and the “Dribble Stick” controls. For non-basketball fans, it’s recommended to have someone you can ask with regards to some of the terminology used in the game such as Lay-ups and alley ops.

The “Myplayer” section of the game is the meta-RPG of NBA 2K13, letting you experience the life of an individual NBA star as he rises from the Rookie leagues to finally play for your favorite basketball team. You can improve your individual player by gaining experience and even request meetings with your team’s GM.

Rapper/Producer Jay-Z has lent his creative input into the game’s music and was credited as an “Executive Producer”, the amount of times his involvement in this game is being blatantly advertised is ridiculous, from the cover of the game to the main menu; seriously. But his involvement led to sleeker presentation such as a kickass soundtrack.

Overall, NBA 2K13 managed me to keep me entertained throughout my playthrough of the game and it’s scary to think how awesome this game is, considering that there is no competition. The sleek visuals and remarkable gameplay makes it fun for both Casual and Hardcore gamers alike.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

by Chen KangYi
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