a-nation Singapore 2014 : Celebrating Japanese Pop Culture

a-nation Singapore 2014 - m-flo
a-nation Singapore 2014 – m-flo | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

J-Pop veteran duo of producer and DJ Taku Takahashi and emcee Verbal from m-flo turned the whole place into a club with their hits such as gET oN!, FIND A WAT and ALIVE. From jumping at their seats to synchronize movements of light sticks, the duo got everyone into action and it felt as though the whole experience was one big party. The duo also showcased their versatility by doing a nice romantic number with All I Want Is You. Even though it was a good 3 hours plus into the show and the night was getting late, m-flo erased all that with their energy and audience interaction showing why even though they’ve been around since 1997, they are still going strong.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - ayumi hamasaki
a-nation Singapore 2014 – Ayumi Hamasaki | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

Closing the night was the Empress of J-Pop herself, Ayumi Hamasaki, appearing on stage with a whole entourage of dancers, a full band and back singers and props that showcased a highly produced show that is fitting of her statue. Starting off with high energy song Step You complete with an entrance that showed her sexy side, everyone got on their feet and cheered their hearts out.

Even though the stage was rather small compared to what she had at her 15th Anniversary Tour A-Best concert, every effort was taken to bring her best to her fans here in this side of Asia. Ayumi also demonstrate the vocal prowess of her voice with songs like Memorial Address and A Song XX, going from strong to gentle.

Ayumi also spent time interacting with the crowd much to the appreciation of her fans as thanked everyone for coming and even dedicated the last song, how beautiful you are, to everyone in the audience. Fortunate fans on the right and left aisle also got to shake the 36 year old’s hand who still looks as beautiful as ever.

With loud chants of “AYU”, one can be sure that the show wasn’t going to just end yet as everyone were treated to a special encore by Ayumi Hamasaki. Doing the uptempo dance song Boys & Girls, it was a fitting way to celebrate the Japanese pop culture at a-nation Singapore 2014.

a-nation Singapore 2014 setlist

Stella Seah

  1. 够 local (Go Local)
  2. 天使的翅膀 (Angel’s Wings)
  3. 我们这一班 2014 (Our Class 2014)

Wagakki Band

  1. 千本桜 (Senbonzakura)
  2. 天樂 (Tengaku)
  3. 虹色蝶々 (Niji iro Chouchou)
  4. 華火 (Hanabi)


    1. 一刀不剪
    2. 多餘的我
    3. 台北沉睡了
    4. 這不是我

Sonar Pocket

  1. Cry Cry Cry
  2. ソナポケ☆DISCO (Sonapoke☆DISCO)
  3. 好きだよ。(I Love You. ~100 Regrets~)
  4. 365日のラブストーリー。(365 Day Love Story.)

GirlsAward Fashion Show featuring LOWRYS FARM


  1. HOT SHOT(英語Ver.)
  2. ANIMAL(英語Ver.)
  3. Love You More(英語Ver.)
  4. BRAVE IT OUT(日本語Ver.)


  1. gET oN!
  2. Perfect Place
  4. d.w.m
  5. 洋楽 part.1〜ナレーション (Foreign music part.1 〜 narration)
  6. ALIVE
  7. let go
  8. miss you
  9. 洋楽 part.2 (foreign music part.2)
  10. All I Want Is You

Ayumi Hamasaki

  1. STEP you
  2. XOXO
  3. A Song for ××
  4. Memorial address
  5. Love song
  6. Lelio
  7. You &Me
  8. SUR 〜 evo 〜 SUR
  9. how beautiful you are
  10. Encore: Boys & Girls

By Kenneth Wong
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