a-nation Singapore 2014 : Celebrating Japanese Pop Culture

Ever since the a-nation Singapore was announced, hype has been generating at an impressive speed seeing how the festival has been a huge thing back in Japan. With big names such as m-flo and headliner Ayumi Hamasaki on the list, a-nation Singapore looks to be part of that success the AVEX Group has created 13 years ago when a-nation was born.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - Stella Seah
a-nation Singapore 2014 – Stella Seah | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

Kicking off the evening at the MasterCard® Theatres, Marina Bay Sands was local singer Stella Seah, who did a decent job opening for the night considering the big names that would perform later. Opening with 够 local (Go Local) followed by 天使的翅膀 (Angel’s Wings), the petite alumni of Academy Fantasia & Campus Superstar entertained everyone with her voice. Closing her set with 我们这一班 2014 (Our Class 2014), Stella did a good job warming everyone up for what would be 4 hours of music celebration.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - Wagakki Band
a-nation Singapore 2014 – Wagakki Band | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

With a colourful and detailed costumes plus an interesting fusion of traditional and modern, the 8 piece Wagakki Band impressed with a beautiful blend of wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) and Western rock. Even though the band only performed 4 songs, no doubt the relatively young band (formed in 2013) impressed many especially with their lasted single, 華火 (Hanabi).

a-nation Singapore 2014 - AARON
a-nation Singapore 2014 – AARON | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

Next to take stage was AARON (Aaron Yan) who is not only known for his songs but also his acting having acted in the popular dramas such as “Cut” and “Drama”. Performing in a striking purple suit, AARON opened 一刀不剪with followed by to the cheers of fans especially the female ones. Ending off with 這不是我, I am sure the young man had probably stolen a few hearts as well.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - Sonar Pocket
a-nation Singapore 2014 – Sonar Pocket | Photo Credits : RE:MAKE Photography

A band that is all about energy, Sonar Pocket is a name that should be familiar with not only J-pop fans but also anime fans with them singing Never Give Up which was used as the theme song of Digimon Xros Wars. The group opened with Cry Cry Cry followed byソナポケ☆DISCO (Sonapoke☆DISCO) and got the entire audience moving their light sticks and lighted fans in unison. Ending with 365日のラブストーリー。(365 Day Love Story.), the trio of ko-dai, eyeron and matty definitely left everyone with a bout of energy as the night was going to get even better.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - GirlsAward LOWRYS FARM fashion show
a-nation Singapore 2014 – GirlsAward wearing LOWRYS FARM fashion show | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

An interesting break from the music (in a good way of course), a group of very pretty ladies from GirlsAward came on for quick fashion show with clothes by LOWRYS FARM. LOWRYS FARM is about theming on quality and relaxation with a refreshing style and the girls did a brilliant job presenting this with the way they sashayed onto stage.

a-nation Singapore 2014 - GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
a-nation Singapore 2014 – GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE | Photo Credits : Lenne Chai

Hot favorites with many female fans that night are the boys from GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. With a talented mix of 2 vocalist and 5 dancers, the boys showed off their slick moves to tracks like Hot Shots and Brave It Out. Coupled with good looks and vocals that serenaded the crowd with songs such as Love You More, it is not wonder there were many female cheers of approval after their set.

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