Museum of Horrors 2013

Museum of Horrors 2013

A week ago, I received a wedding invitation from an old friend. Having no interaction with him since our NS days and wondering how he was doing, I had decided to attend the dinner.

The Dinner was held at *SCAPE. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the sisters of the bride, signed the couple’s guestbook with my best wishes to them and got my table number. Table number 5. Then I had my fill of finger food at the cocktail session before the banquet actually began.

Museum of Horrors 2013

Two fruit punches later, the doors to the banquet opened and the guests were ushered in. I then realized that my table of ten was actually made up of my fellow NS mates and their partners. I rejoiced, for I now had some company for the evening. As the long lost buddies we were, we drank and made merry to our heart’s content, unconcerned about the rest of the guests present. Only when the lights dimmed for a video montage had our rowdiness ceased. Applause filled the air when the montage ended. I sat back in my chair, feeling the effects of the alcohol I had consumed, as I slowly, very slowly, entered into a deep sleep. Very faintly, in the distance, I thought I heard a scream…

Museum of Horrors 2013

SMACK! I came to my senses immediately when my mates slapped me soundly across the cheek. Looking around, I realized that something was very wrong. We were no longer at *SCAPE. Instead, the scene before our eyes was the aftermath of a car crash. Bewildered and lost, we explored our surroundings and wandered deeper into the forest nearby. This was when things started to get weirder. We did not know for sure what we had seen as we bashed through the forest. Was it a ghost, or just a huge cockroach?

Museum of Horrors 2013

We ran out of the forest and straight into a funeral held in Taoist tradition. It was the Bride’s. What was going on? I looked around me, shocked, frightened and confused. I was alone again, except for the ghostly figures reaching out to me, welcoming me into their realm.

From a distance, I could hear my mates screaming in horror. I ran in that direction, only to be greeted with the gory sight of human parts stacked neatly. The metallic stench of blood was so overwhelming it made my stomach turn. I ran again, fumbling to the background cacophony of cracks, squish and splashes. I could not even hear the beating of my own heart or the pounding of my feet against the ground.

Museum of Horrors 2013

Once I have put enough distance between the horrific scene and me, I stopped to catch my breath. It was then that my phone buzzed with an incoming message. I took it out of my pocket, checked my message, and then I saw it. The faint light from my screen revealed to me what I had been stomping on: body parts. I dropped my phone and pressed my palm against my mouth, holding back the bile that was threatening to rise. Then I turned, and ran straight into the bride, standing there in the most beautiful white gown. She held out her left hand, as if we were about to exchange rings and pledge ourselves to one another for eternity. I spun around, running and tripping. Get away from here! Run! But my legs betrayed me as I collapsed onto the floor like spilled jelly.

Museum of Horrors 2013

When I looked up again, I realized I was back at the banquet, surrounded by a sea of dead bodies. Like a man possessed, I dashed, from body to body, trying to wake everyone and anyone I deemed intact or alive. But it was to no avail. I as I stood in the center of the room, I started to wonder.

What am I now?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This year, *SCAPE collaborates with Movie Mania and Singapore Polytechnic to create Museum of Horrors 2013.

The story revolves around twin sisters, one of whom was due to marry. However, before her wedding night, the bride was murdered by her sister in an act of resentment. Unable to accept the death of his fiancée, the groom turned delirious and arranged a duplicate wedding ceremony with his bride’s sister. Infuriated, the bride’s vengeful spirit possessed her sister and slaughtered the guests before ending her sister’s life.

She now seeks vengeance and demands her missing wedding ring be returned to her.

By Ken Koh, Photos by Alex Tan
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