MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch

Take Your Gaming To A New Level With The MSI GT80 Titan

At a nice cosy venue at Suntec Convention Centre, MSI held its launch event for the GT80 Titan which not only boast high end gaming specifications but also the world’s 1st for a mechanical keyboard.

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 01

Kicking off the event was the keynote speech where Louis Lin, Regional Marketing Manager MSI, gave everyone the context and background into the many considerations which led to the development of the GT80 Titan. It was interesting to note that even though MSI’s professional e-sports gaming partners always praised MSI’s laptop membrane keyboard, they all felt that mechanical was still the way to go. Thus the idea to put a mechanical keyboard into MSI’s top spec gaming laptop was born.

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 02

Sporting Cherry MX Brown keys, users can be sure they are getting the very best in German technology as they play their games or do their work. MSI says they picked the Brown keys as it has the best balance between gaming and work and users with existing keycaps will be pleased to know they can be used on the MSI GT80 Titan. MSI will also throw in a set of W,A,S,D keycaps with the laptop which you can change yourself (keycap removal tool included) as they know these are the keys most first person shooters would usually use.

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 06

Interesting note that these keycaps do have a message for those who use it as well. A nice little extra if you ask me.

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 03

Being their top of the line gaming laptop, the MSI GT80 Titan is also designed to give its users the very best in mobile gaming technology. Sporting 2 nVidia 980m in SLI configuration, you can be sure the GT80 Titan will give you smooth frame rates so that you can spend more time fragging your opponents and less time worrying about in game performance.

Upgraders will also be pleased to know that the MSI GT80 Titan will allow you to upgrade to your heart’s content with all its components accessible on the top of the laptop in a neat and systematic manner. Want to swap the harddisk to a bigger capacity one? No problem. Wanna add more ram? Sure thing. Plus looking at how the cover comes off, you can be sure it will be a breeze with upgrades (compared to the traditional ones).

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 04The only downside or two about the MSI GT80 Titan is the price and weight. Currently there is still no way to defy the laws of physics and such a beast will require a proper cooling system which means this laptop is going to be 4.5kg in weight. With the best components comes the high price and the recommended configuration of the GT80 Titan is going to cost a hefty SGD $5799 with the base configuration in the SGD $4000 range.

MSI GT80 Titan Singapore Launch 07

Overall the MSI GT80 Titan is one beast of a mobile gaming machine and in some sense the price tag can be justified considering all the high end components going into the laptop. While definitely not for the normal consumer, I would say the GT80 Titan will still find a niche area for those looking for the very best desktop replacement in a laptop chassis.

For more information on the MSI GT80 Titan, do head over to the MSI Gaming Webpage also the Facebook Group.

by Kenneth Wong
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