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July 2014 Editor's Note Transformers

I remember when I first saw the transformers movie (the old school animated one in 1986) when I was a young kid. I actually cried when Prime died and cheered with Hot Rod kicked butt to earn the right to be the new Prime.

Sure there was some sympathy for the Ultra Magnus who maybe was intended to be the new prime but I guess somewhere deep down, we all knew Hot Rod was to be the one.

Flash forward to 2014 where we are now into the 4th movie of Micheal Bay’s version of the Transformer movie series. I am sure I am not alone in raising my eyebrow (The Rock Style) when the first movie came out and now we have Optimus Prime riding Grimlock with a sword like a knight in shinning armour coming to save the day?

Ok I will be honest and say this kinda goes against everything I remember about Grimlock. Would the leader of the great Dinobots (my favorite of the autobots for their silliness) allow someone, even Prime to ride him?

If you watched the video aptly titled Arise Rodimus Prime, you will notice that Grimlock actually yet someone ride him at the end. So maybe, just maybe, it is possible?

Well I guess the only way to find out is to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction and be sure to check back here for the review of the movie.

Kenneth Wong

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